Second Set of Midterms!



This week midterms start all over again!!!!!!! Its that time of the semester that will either make or break your grade so please study hard!!! I have two midterms this week and in my college experience I find that it is best to start studying at least three days in advance. I always set a goal for the day, for example on day one I gather all my study material and organize it so I can start studying. Each following day I add an extra hour or so to my study time so by the time of the test I know that I am prepared.

Some things that you don’t want to do are cramming, not sleeping, and/ or forgetting about the test. That is not a good recipe for success, so my best advice is to study hard using the method that works best for you!

Good luck on those midterms everyone, and as always we would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below!

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