What do Admissions people do?


2014-03-04 09.10.17Well, besides making the best pancakes in the world we answer your questions, give tours, meet with family’s to resolve questions, and host really awesome information events for potential students.

Have you been to one of our informational meetings? If not, do not fear, our website located here, gives most of the information you need to know if you are interested in attending Embry Riddle Prescott.

Another really cool service we offer that most university’s do not is, live chat with counselors/current students. This service is available through out website, so if you are a bit phone shy, like most feel free to message us with any VALID questions you might have about Embry Riddle Prescott.

Admissions employees are always available to address your needs in the most effective and efficient way possible so please don’t hesitate to contact us through your preferred means. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks again and hopefully we will see you here soon!!

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