What I did over Spring Break

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Hey there everyone,  I bet you would like to know what I did for fun this Spring Break. Well, honestly I slept a lot, went shopping, watched a bunch of movies, and…..saw some of the coolest airplanes ever!!! There is a little museum in between Prescott and the Grand Canyon called “Planes of Fame” and boy is it mind blowing!!

A few friends and I just happened to see it on the side of the road and in a split second we made the decision to pull over and check it out. The staff were so friendly, and fun fact, military personnel, Embry Riddle students, and people who fly into the local air port can get in for free. They have a retired Blue Angels Jet, several rare air craft, and an amazing amount of memorabilia.

Another cool fact is that the prototype for one of the Prescott campus’s very own wind tunnels “little blue” is actually housed in the museum!!! I never knew that!! The stuff we saw at the museum was amazing!!! I really encourage you to go ahead and check it out if you are in the area, especially if you will be here for our Preview Day!!!

See ya soon 😉 and have an awesome Wednesday!

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