Where has the time gone?


A few days agoERAU_logo_0509 I actually realized that there are only 5 weeks left of the Spring 2014 semester. I can hardly believe that my time here has gone so quickly!! It has most certainly been a fun ride šŸ™‚ In the last two years I have become an Air Force ROTC cadet, a student employee, an engineer, and a sleep deprived broke college kid. However, I don’t regret it one little bit. Embry Riddle Prescott has been the best choice I have made in my short lifetime. I have learned so much since I came here and made so many friends that I am sure will last a lifetime.

Come to Embry Riddle and let your dreams take flight!

Come to Embry Riddle and let your dreams take flight!

Looking back on it all makes me feel really old to be honest, even though I am really not!! It is really cool to see not only myself but, the other students I came in with Freshman year growing into professionals with the aid of the faculty and staff on this campus. I can honestly say that without our small class sizes and individual times with professors that our experience at Embry Riddle would be very different. It is for this reason that I still think my decision to come here was the best one ever! Because of the level of help that students get from actual professors who have had actual experience in the industry in which they teach the Embry Riddle education is the best value for your investment in your future!

I love being able to write about my experiences to share with our readers whoever you may be šŸ™‚ because I like to inform you of the real college life that students here in Prescott are undergoing. It is my hope that you will join us here one day, and as always please comment if you would like more information or if you just wanna say hi!

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