Finals Preparation Starts Now!



It is that time of year again, professors and students alike have anticipated but, dreaded the upcoming weeks……FINALS…..again!! Are you going to be prepared? I know that finals are a tough and stressful time for students but, take hope, summer is almost here. Just remember to study hard and all that good stuff while motivating yourself by thinking about your summer plans.

This summer I will hopefully be going to Field Training for AFROTC and while I am nervous about that at least its better than doing hw everyday šŸ™‚ I am also very excited about it too, Field Training is like a right of passage so to speak. It basically allows you to continue in your AFROTC career so that at the end when you graduate you will get a commission as an officer in the USAF.Ā  Other than that I will be taking classes and working as usual.

What are your summer plans? If your plan doesn’t include a visit to Embry Riddle’s Prescott Campus then maybe it should! We would love to see you here over summer, it is a great time to see whether this place is where you want to spend the next few years šŸ™‚

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