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For those of our prospective students who are female, I want you to know that you will have awesome places to shop while you attend college here šŸ™‚ Its a weird topic I admit however, a lot of girls don’t realize how important shopping options are until you need that one item of the specific brand that you like in that one color that you can’t find anywhere else and…….the list goes on and on!! Well, I am here to bring good news!!! In Prescott the mall has a bath and body works (my favorite!!!!!), a Victoria secret :), Hot Topic, Macy’s, Sears, Dillards, Claires and a bunch of other really cool smaller stores with all the items you could ever want. So do not fear, there are plenty of options near!

Also, there are tons of little strip malls so you can go to Target, Ross, Hastings, Staples, and wherever else you need to go for the things that you need. If you can’t find a store then check online, it may be hidden in the area or you can check out amazon or the stores web site to order what you need. Additionally, you can pick up your packages right here on campus from our mailroom šŸ™‚

Sooo, overall Prescott is a cool place to live and you will never have to worry about shopping for things you need/want in the local area. Have fun ladies!!!

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