Ever Been to the South?


Over the last few weeks I have definitely had some interesting adventures and life lessons learned. One of those lessons is not to judge a place until you actually have been there. I used to think that I would not like anywhere in the South because I am not a hot weather/humidity type of a person. However, when I spent time in the south for my AFROTC training I actually loved it!!

Sure the heat and the humidity made it kind of gross and sweaty all the time but, the area is beautiful! I loved seeing all the trees and greenery every time I went outside. The sunsets and sunrises were also very majestic which totally made my day! I can honestly say that despite the tornado we saw and the heat/humidity, I love the South!

So my advice to you is not to judge a place before you actually visit it! I hope that this encourages you to stop on by our Embry Riddle campus in Prescott Arizona before you make up your mind for sure šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading everyone!

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