Please Don't Try This One

Please Don’t Try This One

College is that time in life where a lot of people go crazy trying new things and getting certain types of body art that they were not allowed to get before. I am sure many of you have heard cautions against it before however, with the fall semester right around the corner it is time for our new freshman to hear it again!

The piercings and tattoos you get in college need to be either limited or discreet as once you enter the professional world upon graduation they can impact your future. Many companies will not hire if you have inappropriate or easily visible tattoos. (Easily visible means large or eye catching) It is best to place tattoos where they will not be seen when you are wearing business attire.

The same goes for piercings. Ladies you must limit the number of ear and facial piercings you receive as these have a hug impact on your professional image. Sure you can keep that nose piercing while in college but when you graduate say good bye!! Additionally, do not get eyebrow piercings. These often require surgery to repair when you decide that you no longer want it and they can ruin a fair number of interviews for you.

With that said, be responsible adults with your body art. What you do everyday will always affect your future. Thanks for reading!!!

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