Science Speaker Series!

When you are creating your schedule for the upcoming semester, make sure to leave an open block of time at noon on Tuesdays.  Why?  The Science Speaker Series of course!  Every Tuesday in one of the AC1 lecture halls, a guest speaker with give an hour long seminar.  These presentations started a few years ago and are quite the hit amongst students and faculty (maybe its the free pizza, I don’t know).

Just last week, Dr. Richard Holdaway from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL Space) in the UK, gave an interesting talk about how countries approach science and technology policies.  He also spoke about an ongoing project they are working on called, Lunar Mission One.  This is an unmanned lunar landing where they will be retrieving samples that we have never been able to study before.  They will also be embedding a “time capsule” of sorts that has documentation of humankind.  If you would like to learn more about this mission, (or even send something of your own in the time capsule!!) you can check out the website

This week we had the pleasure of learning from a local professor from Yavapai College, Dr. Jeb Bevers.  He focused on explaining the research he has been conducting while on sabbatical which entails paleontology in Milk Creek.  Obviously the speeches can vary pretty drastically between weeks but that is what keeps it interesting!  Here is the scheduled speakers for the rest of the semester.  Enjoy!



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