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Aeronautical Science

I’m super stoked to currently be completing my senior year here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ where I study Professional Aeronautics/Aviation with minors in Aviation Management and Applied Meteorology.

Update on senior year

It seems just like last month that I was moving in all my boxes into my freshman dorm. And now, I am just about ready to submit my application for graduation for the Class of 2013 of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  I definitely had some nostalgic feelings earlier in the semester during my third and final time I worked as an Orientation Leader.  I couldn’t help but recall my own memoires as a freshman student, straight out of high school, without a clue in the world of what I had gotten myself into.

And today, I am senior in college, finishing up the last few credits I need to earn that Bachelor of Science degree.  Senior year has been an absolute blast these last few months.  Every single fall semester prior to this year, I couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving and Winter Break and I was burnt out by the time the end of November came around.  This year, I actually found myself asking where all the time went by and not wanting the semester to end.

One of the more unique experiences I’ve had the pleasure of participating in was traveling on behalf of the Office of Admissions throughout the United States on recruiting events for the university.  For the fall semester, these were the Admissions Information Meetings for prospective students around the nation.  I was able to visit different cities on various different weekends including, El Paso, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, San Marcos, Texas, Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Phoenix, AZ and Ventura, CA.  I was tasked to represent the office from the perspective of a current student and basically share my knowledge of the university as well experiences.  It was interesting to be able to relate to students in their junior/senior years of high school. I always made sure to emphasize that I was really not much older than they are and that I was in their exact same position just a few years ago.  My goal was to be as relatable as possible with the students and be able to give them the same assistance I received when I was their age.

I guess being able to travel allowed the semester to quickly fly by, no pun intended.  Besides that, I have been heavily focusing on my new position as Senior Campus Ambassador for the university and all the new responsibility associated.  With my counterpart, we are in charge of the Campus Ambassadors/Tour Guides for the Office of Admissions.  The middle of the fall semester is usually associated with heavy tour activity so you can imagine how busy it has gotten.

Sometimes, with work, travel, and other items, I forget I am still a student.  My class load consists of only twelve credits and my classes include Aircraft Accident Investigation, Mechanic/Structural Factors in Aviation Safety, Applied Climatology, and Studies in Literature.  I am hoping this year to be able to graduate with a double major in Aviation Safety Science but we’ll see what happens.

Besides all the above, I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy all of the activities that accompany senior year.  One of my main mottos this year is no holding back in regards to every aspect of my life.  It really is true that college consists of four of the best years of your life.  And it was just recently that such insignificant things (walking through the fall leaves on campus, the crisp clear skies at dawn, and the power of a monsoon thunderstorm) all of a sudden meant so much to me.  I wish it didn’t need to end.  Senior year continues and I look forward to sharing with you the memoires that have yet to be made.

Let me know what you think as well as any questions you might have in the comments below. Thanks!

Ricky Arvizu, Senior, BS Aeronautics

Hey there! I’m Ricky Arvizu. I was born and raised with skyscrapers on my driveway and the beach in my backyard in beautiful southern California.  I’m super stoked to currently be completing my senior year here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ where I study Professional Aeronautics/Aviation with minors in Aviation Management and Applied Meteorology.  I am also hoping to graduate with a dual major in Aviation Safety Science.

Besides school work, a lot of my time is spent working for the university in the Office of Admissions as the Senior Campus Ambassador/Tour Guide as well as a Social Media Student Assistant and New Student Orientation Leader.  I also work with the nationally recognized community service and leadership development organization Silver Wings where I currently serve on the Southwest Regional X Staff.  If life wasn’t exciting enough, I just completed an amazing once-in-a-lifetime summer internship with JetBlue Airways in New York City, where I hope to continue working upon graduation next spring.

Besides full time school and working almost full time, I do enjoy spending lots of whatever free time I can find with some of my closest friends and my teammates on the Air Force Honor Guard Team (who have basically become like family to me).

You have a front row view to my life as a college senior as I reflect back to all the memories that have made me who I am, the experiences that have placed me here today, and the thrilling months still to come ahead.  Welcome to my blog!