About Vishra


Aviation Business Administration

**Major:** Aviation Business Administration, Airport Management
**Degree:** Bachelor of Science in Global Business
**Concentration:** Aviation and Aerospace
**Minor:** Economic
**Hometown:** Pomona, California
**Internships/Co-ops:** Hotel management, Side by Side Marketing, Synergy-Air Professional Consulting, etc.
**Activities:** Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Women in Aviation, International Student Association, Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Clerk at the bookstore, Over 1000 hours of Volunteering at Pine Mountain Settlement School, Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Hospital, National Brest Cancer Foundation, Angel Tree, Animal Shelter, Humane Society, School Library, etc.
**Competitions and Awards/Honors:** Delta Kappa Gamma Citizenship Award, Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship, LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Flight Scholarship, Dell Scholarship, ERAU Women of Excellence Scholarship, Miss Aviation Business Administration 2013, PBL Arizona State Champion at Parliamentary Procedures 2013, PBL 2nd place in Computer Applications 2013, PBL 9th place Nationals at Parliamentary Procedures 2013, PBL Arizona State Champion Integrated Marketing Campaign, PBL Arizona State Champion Business Presentation, PBL National Top 15 for Integrated Marketing Campaign 2014, PBL National Top 15 for Business Presentation, PBL 3rd place in Marketing Concepts at Arizona State University
**Favorite thing to do in Prescott:** Hangout with friends and bake for them.
**In my free time, I…** socialize!​

Unique Final Exams That Prove My Learning

Gather all of your notes, homework, class work, tests, and quizzes for your classes. Make a pile for each class. You should have papers going back to August. For each class, put the papers in chronological order by the date they were given to you or were completed. THIS IS WHAT STRESS FEELS LIKE DURING FINALS…

But that’s NOT the case with some of the upper level business finals. For instance, all students in Dr. Greenman’s Social Responsibility and Ethics class were given the opportunity to volunteer for the Sky Kids event. Sky Kids provides a very unique opportunity to experience FIRST FLIGHT to children with special needs or disability that are within the age range of approximately six through eighteen years of age. I volunteered as an airplane loader in which I was assigned tasks to safely load an aircraft with the Sky Kids participants and their parents and/or guardian. Not only did Sky Kids gave me an opportunity to practice social responsibility in a professional aviation related environment, but knowing that I helped make the life with a special needs child even more special put a smile on my face.

While in my Airport Management class, taught by the author of The Administration of Public Airports Dr. Sobotta, my final project was in teams of three. My teammates and I were presented with a unique opportunity of conquering a final project, which focused on a common airport topic/specialization in which we chose San Diego International Airport. Our topic was Passenger Processing Technology Management. Essentially, I got an opportunity to interview the Terminal Manger at San Diego Airport and learned about the airport’s use of technology (i.e. mobile boarding passes, automated boarding gates, common use passenger processing systems, etc.) and its role in making the circulation of passengers and aircraft more efficient. Collectively, our team compared all the three airports on the topic of Passenger Processing Technology. I want to be an Airport Manager, so this experience gave me a glimpse of what I can experience as a Terminal Manager.

Professional Consulting final gave me an opportunity to articulate a descriptive image of professional practices. In a small group, my teammates and I analyzed Synergy Airs marketing concepts from a business perspective. We also collected consumer data through primary sources, such as surveys and focus groups. Along with that we prepared recommendations for ways that they can effectively market Synergy Air to their target market. We were treated like experts by Synergy Air and as professional marketing consultants and we strived to improve efficiency and quality for them.

With the right course, I was able to show off exactly what I had learned in my classes this semester. Our professors at Embry-Riddle enable us students to gain practical knowledge while taking the course rather than throwing us under the bus without any prior experience in the real world. These unique final exam alternatives will benefit me and my fellow classmates long after graduation. It can benefit YOU if you take business courses at Riddle too.

My Favorite Class at Embry-Riddle has been Study Abroad

As a business student, it’s incredibly hard to pick just ONE class that has been my favorite so far. Taking classes in different countries can change one’s view on the subject or even enhance it because of the experience of living and studying in another country, so, by far study aboard classes have been my favorite.

This past summer (July 2014), I was fortunate enough to go to Paris to take BA 425 Trends and Current Problems in Air Transportation and EC 399 Studies of Economic Thought. The classes were full of information and I felt like I gained an extensive amount of knowledge in our multiple field trips, while exploring other cultures and religions. I was never bored in any of my classes and there was endless enthusiasm and I’m eager to learn more and more. Probably the best part is that I’m studying Global Business so I’m making great network connections every time I visit a company with my study abroad class. And of course I’ve gotten to know my fellow students in a way that I’ll always have good memories from. I highly recommend study abroad!

Study Abroad Paris and LondonStudy Abroad Paris VP 2

What has surprised me about ERAU — I Matter to My Faculty

maddie-roy-prescott-az-erau-helicopter-pilotERAU is a small community, therefore you will be surprised to how fast the faculty and staff learn your name on campus. The professors get to know you within the first week of classes and professor to student ratio on average is 1:18. At Riddle, the professor and the students will know when you miss classes.

Students with College of Arts and Sciences Faculty


At Riddle, a professors’ number one priority is to teach, not research, even though there is plenty of that going on too. The professors put in more effort into preparing their classes and, often, into developing new classes. They even have open door policy along with at least ten office hours per week. All the professors have to grade their own homework, exams and finals, they always read your Student/Faculty interactions.work and offer detailed comments. In short, I was surprised to see how the professors treated me as an adult and made me feel that I mattered.

It’s true that Embry-Riddle has a lot more men than women. Some may consider it a disadvantage but not me. It took me out of surprise to see how much I am respected by my male peers. Riddle men are incredibly nice and are gentlemen; they bring back etiquette and forgotten gesture! Ladies, you will be surprised at how often the door is being held open for you. I always remember to appreciate the timeless gesture of courtesy they show us.​

Between the great faculty and the respect for each other on campus, I’m so glad I chose Embry-Riddle.