Summer Job -The YMCA

Hey there readers in this blog you will learn about tips to finding a summer job if you are in high school or college so that you can make some spending money or just cash for gas. I will talk about somethings to look for in a job like any prerequisites and then my own personal experience that may help you.

So for those of you students out there that are looking for some money and or a job to keep you busy and start to build your resume. So for those that are looking to really start your resume and earn some money, The YMCA foundation is a great place to start! They have many opportunities for those that are age 16 and up. The company treats its employees very well. as i have learned from experience. But the best way to look for a job is by going into stores or business places and personally asking a manager if there are open positions available. This is the best way, sometimes they may give you some paperwork on the spot to fill out other times you will need to go online.

Some might think that they do not have many options and just get stuck with a job they do not want, this is not the case most of the time. look for SEASONAL positions as a way to start, usually water parks or any amusement park hires just before summer seasonal employees because the summer is a busy time.As friends and family about any jobs they can think of that could possibly hire.

Do your homework. You should always know what the job position requires physically as well as the description of the job. Such as life guarding, you should of course be a good swimmer. As well as the hours the  business will require you, consider any summer classes you will take, if you have a car or take the bus.

A good idea for saving money is opening a checking/savings account at a bank. For students in high school or college the account is free of charge. You must of course be 18 or have a cosigner if not.

From personal experience i have worked every summer since sophomore year in high school and I have found it beneficial to start working summers because now i have a lot of money and I am still pretty young. I started at Knott’s Soak city for two summers as a lifeguard and now have a position at the YMCA as a lifeguard. I definitely prefer the YMCA more, the pay rate is better, the scheduling is way more flexible and i get free access to the gym and pool. On top of that it looks really good on a resume for any position. Not only does working in the summer have benefits but more then like;y you will meet some awesome people.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have been informed!