Good Friends at Riddle

AFROTC!!!! Im in the middle :)

AFROTC!!!! Im in the middle 🙂

Since I have been at Embry-Riddle I have made many crazy awesome friends all because of AFROTC. Joining ROTC has definitely been my best decision yet and the friends I have made as a result will be long lasting due to the things that we have been through together. From day one with my flight in zero week we began a training journey with shared experiences, struggles, and sacrifices. Unfortunately, not everyone has made it through to junior year but, regardless we are all still close friends.

I think that that my ROTC friends have helped me grow personally, academically, and as a leader. As we have all spent many hours preparing for our leadership roles through memorizing procedures, staying up late doing homework, and relying on each other to get to PT in the morning we have become closer and stronger as a team. The friends I have made here are not only friends but, family. We all know the difficulties of being Air Force cadets at a top rated engineering school and without these friends none of us would have been as successful.

If you are looking for a rigorous academic program and a potential future in the US Air Force then Embry-Riddle Prescott is the place for you. The detachment on this campus is known as “The Best in the West”  due to our intense leadership training and professional atmosphere. The program can be stressful and trying however, on completion you will get more out of it than you put in. If you have any questions give us a call today! Our admissions page can be found here.

Spring Semester Update


We are now officially two weeks into the Spring Semester and so far it seems to be going well (fingers crossed!). So here’s an update on what I’ve been up to so far: homework, meetings, phone calls, work, ROTC, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, and cooking. Obviously, its been a busy two weeks but it hasn’t been all that bad.

Oddly enough, living and working where you go to school is actually pretty fun. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people who have similar hobbies. For instance, I was not very much of a cook when I was in high school but now that I am living on my own I have come to actually enjoy cooking. Because I live on campus I have been able to meet tons of other people who enjoy cooking too.

The same is true for classes and ROTC. In all the different courses/activities that I am involved in I have met tons of interesting people that make learning/leading fun even when under stress. My favorite course is Structures partly because I love the topic and also because the people I work with in study groups are awesome to hang out with.


Because of the culture student of Embry-Riddle even the stressful times can be a lot of fun. That is why the past two weeks of the semester haven’t been bad, even though they have been loaded with work and trying to handle an new schedule. So, for our potential freshman class of 2015, please take the student culture into consideration when it comes time to accept your college offers this semester. Thanks for reading everyone!

It’s a White Tuesday!

So today we were all pleasantly surprised to see some snow! It wasn’t snowing when I went to PT this morning but, it sure was when I headed off to class this morning! Take a look at our gorgeous campus in the snow!!


Snow Falling in front of the AXFAB in central campus


Central Campus

My view from the upperclassman dorms this morning.

My view from the upperclassman dorms this morning.


It usually snows anywhere from one to six times during the winter here in Prescott and its the first time that quite a few of our students get to see some snow! With that said, when you are thinking of attending our University take the climate into consideration as well. We have relatively mild winters and fantastic summers with the average temperature in the high 80’s. If that is something you would like then Embry Riddle Prescott is the place for you! Sign up to take a tour today!!

First Day of Classes!!

First Day Selfie!!

First Day Selfie!!

Welcome back everyone! Hope break was great for our returning students and for our prospective students. 🙂  We are all very excited to be coming back to classes for the Spring semester (although another week of break would’ve been awesome). I will give you the low down on the Spring Semester in college, so if you are interested in Embry Riddle you can get an idea of how it all works.

Spring is usually better. I’m not really sure why but, most people have better schedules and have a lot more fun during the semester than in Fall. It may just be because of Spring Break but, there are also more off days during the Spring Semester due to other random holidays. This semester is actually going to be an interesting one for me due to my ROTC jobs, courses, and work. I have a pretty good school schedule but I will be spending 8+ hours a week preparing the Honor Corps for our competition at SCIDM (Southern California Invitational Drill Meet). If you would like to know more about the drill meet please keep following my blog, I will post some cool pics when the time comes! You can also comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions 🙂

Honor Guard, one of the three teams in Honor Corps

Honor Guard, one of the three teams in Honor Corps

So one last thing, I am curious to know what everyone did over break? I just went home and hung out with my family, nothing too fun.

LOL. Comment below to share your break with us, we would love to know what you got to do!

Winter Break is Here!


Thursday of this week is the last day of finals and then the semester is officially over!! For those of us who are going home over the three weeks I have some tips on how to get a head start on the next semester and how to fight the winter boredom. For others, like many of our international students, the dorms will be “home” for Christmas. It is common for some students to stay although some buildings, like the dining hall will be closed, the campus will be a nice quiet place to relax or prepare for next semester.

For students who are headed home, enjoy those first few days but, when the boredom sets in balance your preparation for next semester with fun. For example, find those books you need online so you can have them early in the semester rather than two weeks in after the first homework is assigned. The campus bookstore website has all the books listed for each course, all you have to do is enter the course number and section to find what you need. When you are done searching the web for books then go have fun in town, shop around, see old friends, check out the awesome Christmas lights, etc.

Another good way to prepare for the next semester is to arrange your schedule early so you know how it will flow throughout the week. This makes it easier to schedule study times in between work, classes, and extracurricular. Also, if you can, read up on some of the courses you will be taking or get in touch with professors so you can start asking questions.

For our Air Force ROTC second semester Sophomores, its time to start studying your manuals!! The second semester of Sophomore year is a critical time for cadets as it is their semester to prepare for Field Training and go through selection boards for Field Training. Field Training is probably the most important event for cadets as it determines if they can continue in the ROTC program to become Air Force Officers upon graduation. Hopefully, some of our readers will be competing for Field Training in the future!

So, I hope you have a wonderful winter break! Have fun but, remember to prepare for the upcoming semester as each semester puts you one step closer to an awesome career in whatever it is that you choose to pursue.

If you are a prospective freshman please ask any questions you have below and I will get right back to you 🙂 I will even write answers to your questions in blogs if you like!!

Community Service

This past week Embry-Riddle Prescott’s Air Force ROTC Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings hosted a food drive for the Prescott Homeless Shelter in support of their Thanksgiving Feast. This event is just one of many that AFROTC and other campus organizations host to support our community.


In total there are over 80 different student organizations on the Prescott campus ranging from inter mural sports, fraternities, sororities, and the list goes on!!


All of our organizations participate in some service project. For example, one of the sororities on campus supports the nonprofit “Autism Speaks” which helps the families of Autistic children.

Another organization, The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers volunteers to tutor naturalized citizens who are pursuing GED’s. This is just barely scratching the surface of how Embry-Riddle students give back to their community.


If you would like to join us in doing so we would love to welcome you here!! If you are interested in visiting click here and if you are ready to apply our application page can be found here.

Thank you for reading everyone!!!

Veterans Day Vigil by ROTC!


Veterans Day is a very important day for many students here at Embry-Riddle. Not only does it help students remember sacrifices given by our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, but it also helps many of the veterans on campus reflect back to their time serving our nation. Embry-Riddle has a large Veterans population on campus and has also been named a Top Military-Friendly University for the fifth straight year.


The Air Force ROTC Honor Corps of Detachment 028 does something special every year for Veterans Day here in Prescott, Arizona. Honor Corps is comprised of three teams; Rifle Drill Team, Sabre Drill Team, and the Honor Guard. These three teams get together 24 hours before the Veterans Day Parade and stand guard at the Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs Center in Prescott. Being home to one of the largest VA Centers in the nation, the Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs significantly helps the Air Force ROTC community for Vigil. This 24 hour event is called Vigil. The first picture in this blog was taken by me at around 4:00 am. This goes to show the commitment and the courage of the Cadets that volunteer for this self-less event.


Being an Alumni of the Sabre Drill Team, this year was no different. I started doing this about three years ago, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Starting at 10 am on Monday, November 10th, our Cadets held one hour shifts to guard the flag pole at the VA Center. The flag was guarded non-stop for 24 straight hours by around 30 cadets, taking multiple 4 man shifts. The Vigil ended at 10 am on Tuesday prior to the Prescott Downtown Veterans Day Parade. By doing this, personally, I have learned quite a bit about myself and what it means to be a future officer in the Air Force. When not on a shift, cadets are usually inside a building, with tons of food, either bonding with each other or spending time getting our homework done. At Embry-Riddle one thing is for sure, as our Colonel always says, “Student First, Cadet Second!”


Choosing Your Classes

For all of our current students you must register for courses this week for spring!! For Seniors the date was Monday, Juniors (today), Sophomores Wednesday, and Freshman Thursday. It is a great time to take advantage of your academic advisor’s expertise. Meet Heather, Katie and Scott.


Heather BeamanKatie GreeneScott RitchieThey will sit down and identify the classes you need to take each semester to help make sure you graduate on time. They can also help you get into classes that require special faculty approval. Advisors and the records office are here to help you!!!

The registration process is really simple and can be done completely online, for course overloads (17+ credits) there is a form from the records office that you and your advisor need to sign before you can get into the course. But, if you are not overloading credits then go onto your Student Center in ERNIE and use the “enrollment shopping cart” to search and add classes you need to take in the semester. When your enrollment appointment is validated then all you have to do is hit the “enroll” button and “verify” the courses. If any issues arise then your advisor and the records office will help you sort it out really fast 🙂

So its as simple as that, get ready sophomores and second semester freshman, your up next!!!! Hit that button as quick as possible (at 7:30 am ) to get into the classes you need!!!course-registration-college

ROTC and Students Celebrate Our Veterans


It was a bright and sunny Veteran’s Day here in Prescott, Arizona. The student veteran’s of Embry-Riddle and of the community were recognized today with a parade and 24-hour vigil in downtown. Every year the cadets of the Air Force Honor Corps at Embry-Riddle Prescott work a 24 hour vigil at the local Veteran’s Hospital to thank the veteran’s of our nation for their service. The vigil is long, hard, and cold, however, the cadets are honored serving those who have payed a price for our freedom.Air Force ROTC Vigil




At the end of vigil the parade started up in downtown and at its completion there was quite a scene on the square. Street vendors, music, talks, and all kinds of fun activities commenced. Over all it was a fun event for the entire community. Maybe next year our potential freshman will have the opportunity to join us and see the awesome events that Embry-Riddle and the community host to honor our veterans. We would love for you to join us!! Please visit our website here and if you would like more information about Prescott AZ check out the Daily Courier for local news.

Successful Day of the Dead Event


Horchata a Hispanic rice drink 🙂 Very yummy!!

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus had a successful Day of the Dead celebration by selling tacos, tamales, horchata, and assorted Mexican sodas on 31 Oct. The event was very well received by all members of the campus and within a few short hours the food was sold out!


The group of about 15 members made over 600 tamales and about twice as many tacos, as well as 6 gallons of horchata!

Embry Riddle Precott SHPE Members

Embry Riddle Precott SHPE Members

The fact that the food all sold out in such a short time proves how welcoming our campus is to different cultures and peoples. The campus community is very friendly and accepting of everyone and we would love to invite you here to see for yourself!

Embry Riddle Precott SHPE Members

Embry Riddle Precott SHPE Members


Come and visit the campus sometime soon! There are always cool events going on and all the students/faculty/staff are more than happy to meet new faces 🙂 Maybe next year you can join us for some tacos and tamales!!!!!