Getting in the holiday spirit is easy in Prescott

After hiking Humphrey’s peak in Flagstaff, my friends and I hurried back to Prescott to catch the last half of Acker night.  Every single business, or close to it, has a least one musical performance.  You could hear Joy to The World on a banjo, Silent Night by chorus, or rock out to Jingle Bell Rock.  Just look at that schedule of events!

The streets of square are lined with good food, group dances, and even pyrotechnic performers.  Once the festivities came to an end, we grabbed a delicious dinner at the well-known local favorite, Bill’s Pizza.  Prescott has an incredible sense of community similar to Embry-Riddle as seen through this great production.


Acker Night is just one of the many events that take place in the square.  This one just happens to be extremely popular because who wouldn’t want to look at that beautifully lit up courthouse!  They don’t call us Arizona’s Christmas City for nothin’.

 What is Acker Night? Acker Night is produced solely by volunteers and was originally created to achieve the goals of benefactor and Prescott resident, James S. Acker.  Mr. Acker first moved to Prescott in the early 1900’s. He was a proprietor of a general store which provided a variety of school and music supplies for the children.  In the 1930’s he ran a real estate company where he began to gather parcels of property throughout the community.  He left a number of those parcels of land to the City of Prescott to be used for parks and music programs when he passed away in 1955.  Along with being a fun tradition, Acker Night combines participating downtown businesses with the support of hardworking musicians who donate their time and their talents.  The mutual goal is to keep music alive and thriving for the youth of Prescott.  All of the funds raised on Acker Night provide scholarships for music lessons, instruments and local youth performing arts programs.





“Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here.”

If you haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar yet and have any idea of what’s best for you, get out there and see it!  Don’t worry if you haven’t been fortunate enough to see the movie yet, this post is spoiler free.  As a student in our Space Physics program, I had a countdown for the release of the movie and saw it twice in the first 48 hours (no shame).  What I was really pleased about was how many people with little physics knowledge still appreciated this amazing work of cinematic art.  No seriously, my pilot friends were actually really excited about physics afterwards.  That never happens.  The movie was scientifically solid with the help of Dr. Kip Thorne and definitely not your typical sci-fi film.

So you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about what-the-Hubble went on in that movie huh?  We have amazing professors at ERAU that are here to help.  With courses like Relativity, Astrophysics, Space Propulsion, and Particle/Cosmology students are able to explore concepts that were so elegantly displayed in this film and much more.  Personally, I felt proud and somewhat accomplished for understanding the entirety of the movie and encourage anyone with the slightest interest in space to get educated!  Who knows, with all this information, you might be able to make the next greatest sci-fi movie.

If you’re interested in some of the courses available not just for Physics students but for anyone, check it out here!