Fire Season??!!


I am sure many people across the nation have heard about the 7,000 acre fire burning in Prescott right now, I am writing to assure you that there is no imminent threat to the Prescott Campus of Embry Riddle. The faculty and staff are in constant contact with the Prescott Fire department and the other entities that are battling the blaze. Again there is no threat to the campus as the fire is heading away from Embry Riddle.

There is quite an extraordinary view of the wildfire from campus however, some of the pictures students have taken are featured here, but do not fear the campus is by no means in danger. Please see the Prescott news website for further updates on the current situation. At this point the fire has no threat to the campus, and faculty members are maintaining contact with the fire department to gather further information. There is no threat to the campus or of evacuation at this time. Other updates are available at the following news sources: AZ Central    Daily Courier   ABC 15