Fisrt 2 Weeks


School started Aug 26th and we are now to Sept 8, congrats everyone! Hopefully everyone’s first 2 weeks back went well 🙂 I know mine have, the only down side is all the homework!! This year I’m starting my sophomore year in Aerospace Engineering, a year that everyone calls the gauntlet. Why?

Little history info here-this is an actual gauntlet. It was worn by knights and warriors to protect their hands in battle.

Well basically this is the year that students decide if Engineering is really for them. So far its been awesome and challenging. All of my courses are highly mathematical so keeping formulas straight can get pretty hard. Despite the rumors I’ve heard about how hard it is I am not too worried. As long as you go into sophomore year with a knowledge of time management and a strong work ethic you will be fine. This can be hard to develop and maintain but, just recall why you decided to become an Engineer. Doing so will encourage you to continue to pursue your dream and serve as your inspiration to get through this next year.

I want to be an Engineer for the Air Force when I graduate, not only will I be a leader but I will also get to use my skills to support our military. Why did you become an Engineer? Please comment below and let us know!!! And most importantly stick with it, this world needs engineers such as yourself 🙂