A Much-Needed Break

This semester has been very hectic and busy, but it has been a lot of fun. I have come to realize that changing my major to Global Security and Intelligence has been the best choice I have made! I enjoy all my classes. I especially enjoy going to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes- U.S. Foreign Policy and Social Psychology. I have been learning a lot in my Foreign Policy class about how history has shaped our policies overtime. It is very fascinating and Dr. Trombley makes the class energetic and fun. In psychology, we are performing social experiments. My group did an experiment on conformity where we used a generalized horoscope (printed 12 of them out and put the different horoscope signs on the top of each) and handed them out to students and staff members. We asked how much the profile pertained to them from a scale of 1 to 5. It was very interesting to see how many people felt that their horoscope was completely dead on! More students gave higher ratings than adults, proving that students are more conforming. They are taking the generalized statements and molding them into their own beliefs. It was a lot of fun.

Although I am having a lot of fun at school, I am very thankful and excited for Spring Break! I will be going to California to see my family. I’ll be going to Six Flags, Disneyland, and to San Diego for the beautiful temple and beach over there. It should be a great week. I am going with Jeff, my boyfriend. We have to come back Thursday night though, in order to finish all our assignments and projects before that upcoming Monday. It will be a great time though, and I am just so great that Embry Riddle gives us some time off. The classes are fun and the teachers are informative, but if I learn any more this week or if I have to do another exam or homework assignment, I think my head may explode!

I am also excited for next semester because I have my new schedule! I will be taking Intelligence writing and Intelligence studies, Studies of Middle Eastern Cultures, Environmental Economics, and Arabic I. I am extremely excited to  take the economics class! Dr. Carreras has his Doctorate in Environmental Economics, so this class should be extra fun and informative. I also cannot wait to start a new language! I almost chose Chinese, but I realized that more countries recognize Arabic. I will let you guys know how Arabic goes. Dr. Jones says there will be a new professor, so I will see if that ends up being a good or bad thing. I hope everyone has a safe and great vacation this week. (Or whenever your spring break is) Just remember to relax over your break, so you won’t be too overwhelmed coming back. :]

Stop and Smell the Roses

All of us are guilty of getting too busy in our lives, we seem to lose precious time meant for our family, friends, and loved ones. One thing I have learned this year at college is to try to put aside some time each week to stop my busy life and enjoy the smaller things I have been given. Some use the phrase, “stop and smell the roses,” meaning to take in all the beauty around us and spend some time being thankful for the little things in life.

I know it feels as if we never have time; especially with school, work, homework, and studying. Stress comes easy to many of us, which is why we should set aside some time for ourselves. And never feel guilty for doing so, you are allowed to relax and enjoy all the things you have accomplished thus far.

My personal favorites are to watch a funny movie/TV show, call up a close family member or friend, or to spend extra time on my appearance for the day- it makes me feel special. I also cherish every holiday break we are given. Although I do work at the university and tend to get busy with my work, I always put at least a week aside to go see my family in California.

Over the Christmas break, I drove to California and spent quality time with my family and a handful of my close friends. I felt like I did not have enough time to see all my friends, but the time I was given was much appreciated and wisely spent. I had a great time sharing memories and laughs with my loved ones. It was a break much needed and even though it was hard to leave them, I am happy to be back home and back into my own responsibilities.

I think when we put time aside to appreciate life more, living our normal day-to-day life feels easier because we start to realize how lucky we are to be loved and how generous life can be to us. Yes, we all go through rough patches, but without hard times we would never be able to truly know when a great opportunity falls into our laps. We would not be grateful for all the good times we are given.

So next time you are feeling stressed, I suggest you take a big deep breath in and remember all the things you are grateful for as you slowly breath out. It’s a quick and efficient way to feel better on the spot. The other quick remedy is to laugh. Laughter is medicine for the stressed and sorrowful. 🙂