Spring Break Recap

Ah, the infamous college spring break. One of the most anticipated breaks of the year.  Gather an easy-going group of people, jump in a car, and hit the road.

If you’re a baseball fan, man are you in luck. And even if you aren’t, Phoenix is the hub for spring training and it is pretty awesome. You can go to endless games for a decent price at any of the teams’ stadiums. My friends and I snagged tickets for an Oakland A’s/Anaheim Angels game. Nothing was better than Arizona heat, laying in the lawn, and watching America’s favorite past time.

After Phoenix, we drove back to Prescott for a day or so. But the weather was perfect and I was able to hike Granite Mountain, which is one of the things I will miss the most when I leave this place. Just look at this view.

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I am fortunate enough to have pretty much the most laid back group of friends in existence so we kind of just packed up, and drove to Malibu and camped on the beach at Point Mugu. It was too rad. We were swimming with seals and dolphins just past the wave break. For me, nothing is better than a campfire, roasting marshmallows, card games, the sound of waves, and of course that night sky.

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Next up was Santa Barbara. We hiked through some mountains that had more variety of vegetation than any mountain I have ever seen. At the top, it over looked the city of Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. The next few days, we were just living the beach bum life off the harbor and ate enough fish to last us a year.

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Finally, we were in Tucson getting even more sun! Don’t ask how it happened, I told you we were spontaneous.

The best part, getting back to Prescott and realizing the school year is almost over! Final stretch. Overall a very fulfilling senior year spring break. Hope yours was equally as great!

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Spring Break!


This week the Embry Riddle Prescott campus will be on spring break! Yay!! We are all very happy to have a nice break from school to relax and catch up on rest. However, spring break is also a great time to get out and see some new places. For those of us who are low on funds the best places to get out and see are in the local area. Prescott, Az is known for its fantastic hikes and gorgeous lake views so getting out in nature is one fun and literally priceless way to enjoy your spring break. If you do have a little extra cash then you can always take a quick road trip down to Phoenix or head up state to Sedona or Flagstaff. Those areas are all wonderful around this time of year and a quick visit allows you to learn more about the state while having a ton of fun!


If you can afford a longer road trip then Southern California is about 7 hours away, the trip is actually pretty fast and it is really fun to be able to relax on the beach for a little bit. The weather down there is also perfect for tanning this time of year! If your not up for that long of a trip however, Vegas is about 3 hours away and many of our current students live in Vegas so, if you have a close friend who happens to live there, you can crash at their place for a week to reduce costs.

Then of course there is always the classic parent funded spring break get away to Mexico, if you get to go there then you are so lucky!! Have fun, stay safe, and get a sweet tan!!

Whatever you are up to this spring break or for our potential students who, I am sure are already planning their first college spring break adventure, we here at Embry-Riddle hope you have a fun and safe trip!

Road Trip??


If you are headed out on a road trip for spring break we might be able to help you out with travel tips and suggestions of neat places to visit. On top of the list is of course, Embry Riddle’s Prescott campus 🙂 A close second is the Grand Canyon, the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Sedona. I have been to three of the above destinations and they are well worth the trip, so if you are in the Prescott area you are within a 2-3 hour drive of each area, I highly suggest taking advantage of it.

The grand canyon is great for hiking, seeing the sights, and learning a little about the nation’s history. The Lowell Observatory is breathtaking!! Pluto was actually discovered in the early 19th century by a scientist who worked at the observatory. The images of space and the technology that is available for visitors to see is incredible. At $20 a head with discounts available for youth, the elderly, military, and students it is well worth the trip.

Just remeber to check your oil, brakes, windshield wipers, coolant, air pressure, etc. before you set out on a trip. We want you to arrive at your destination safely so that we can give you an awesome tour here at Embry Riddle and send you on your way to the other cool places in our area. Have a great Spring Break, and we hope to see you here soon!

Midterms are on Their Way!


Last Friday I had my first midterm exam in statics, and I’ve got two more this upcoming week. School is definitely progressing quickly around here. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then finals time, its such a weird thing to think but, don’t let it catch you by surprise!! Start preparing now, don’t wait until the day before the exam to study, this is not high school, this is a highly respected University so don’t forget it!!

Tests are definitely something that need to be taken seriously, so like I said start preparing early by asking questions, doing the homework, reviewing up to 3 days before the exam and clarifying any topics that you are unsure of. Doing this will ensure a higher score on your exams, which will help that GPA!

Even though it can be easy to ignore what you have to do I strongly urge you to put your school first. Yes it is awesome to go out and have fun while you are in college but, don’t forget why you came here…EDUCATION. To get that degree you need to be successful academically, that is why it is so important to put studies first.

The best way to do so is to make a list of the homework and studying that you know you must complete. Do as much as you can every day and when you are finished take a break to enjoy yourself, go out and have some fun. This will really help out your grades and you will get the college experience that you wan at the same time.

So all in all enjoy yourself but, don’t let exams and classwork to catch you by surprise!!

Stuck on Campus for Spring Break…? Here is What You Need to Know.

If you are one of those unlucky students who doesn’t get to go somewhere awesome for spring break (which is almost all freshman) don’t fear I’ve got you covered with everything you need to cure the Spring Break Blues.

It may seem pretty sucky that you have nowhere to go, most likely because you have no cash to do so but, I urge you to please take advantage of your situation. Spring Break is a great time to relax and catch up on those z’s or any homework that needs doing.

I am writing this because, well, I’m currently stuck on campus…so below you can find some great tips and tricks for surviving your Spring Break, the Engineers way!!!

  1. Buy Top Ramen its 20 cents at Walmart.
  2. Stuff to make coffee, it’s cheaper and healthier than energy drinks, although those can be more fun.
  3. Find someone with Netflix and split a month’s cost with them so you can watch whatever you want to pass the time.
  4. Car pool around town and see the sites, bicycling is also great, Prescott is a beautiful place to cruise around in the sun.
  5. Study outside and enjoy the quiet, it’s very relaxing.
  6. Do some homework and review topics that you have trouble with. This is extremely helpful as finals are coming up!!!
  7. Sleep in, but not too much!!
  8. Fill a box of salad items from the dining hall, if you cook these up in a creative fashion and add some rice or pasta (which you can also get from the dining hall) you have a healthy meal to eat comfortably in your room rather than in an awkwardly empty dining hall.
  9. Hang out with new people, there are all kinds of people on campus so meet some more cool ones!!!!
  10. Be like the guys next door and build a massive birthday paddle……weird I know…..
  11. Do your laundry ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!
  12. Clean your dorm, everyone needs a thorough Spring cleaning.
  13. Ask family to come visit.
  14. Get to know your campus more by exploring new areas.
  15. Apply for summer jobs and research ones that you want after college.
  16. Have a good time!!!!!


Snow? But I thought it was spring?

I went home to California for spring break and returned back to Arizona to find myself in the middle of over 12″ of snow! I would like to point out a few key words here: spring break, Arizona, and snow. Usually you only see two of these words in the same sentence, but very rarely do you see all three!

The start of the biggest snow storm I have seen since I have been here.

This snow storm was the 4th most snowfall in a 24-hour period that Prescott has ever had. Since it happened on the last Sunday of break, school officials decided to cancel class the next day (Monday) to ensure the safety of students making their way back to campus. For those who fought the storm and made it back on Sunday, this gave us more time to play in the snow! Walking around campus, I saw everything from snow angels to snow forts and students out having a good time!

However, if you were like me and had put off doing class work for the entire break that was due on Tuesday, you spent most of your time working on it on Monday. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have any fun though. I spend my first snow day mainly working on my term paper for my turbines class. In between working on the paper, I went out with friends to lunch near downtown and saw the massive amounts of snow in the city.

Downtown Prescott with all the snow!

By the end of our fun snow day, I was satisfied with how I spent it: a little class work, playing in the snow, and hanging out with my friends! I am hoping that this is not the last time we see snow before next winter, but when it does snow, it is always awesome!

A Field Trip During Spring Break?

It’s spring break…that means I had a field trip for my Natural History of the Region class! I have to admit even though Arizona is my home state I was not completely thrilled that I would be spending four days of my spring break camping in the desert learning about the ecosystem. I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had! We departed school at 8:00am last Saturday; from there we drove to Tucson making plenty of stops along the way to observe the plants and animals of the area. We mostly went through the Sonoran Desert, where Phoenix and Tucson are located. Sunday was my favorite day of the trip! We went to the Desert Sonoran Museum, it was very impressive. I was able to see tons of plants and wildlife. The museum is outdoors and a “living” museum, so I was able to see everything from horned sheep to bobcats and saguaros to agave. I really had a great time at the museum and took tons of pictures, but unfortunately I left my camera cord at school so I’ll have to include them in my next blog! On Monday we traveled even farther South and made our way to Safford Arizona.  We were able to drive all the way up Mt. Graham where there was snow. It was such a different climate than the desert scenery we had gotten used to seeing at our prior campsite.  Finally I was able to shower Monday night. (That was probably my second favorite part of the trip haha) On Tuesday we finally headed back to Prescott. It really was a fun experience. That class has quickly climbed to one of my all-time favorites at Embry-Riddle, I’m so glad that I “had” to take it!

A Much-Needed Break

This semester has been very hectic and busy, but it has been a lot of fun. I have come to realize that changing my major to Global Security and Intelligence has been the best choice I have made! I enjoy all my classes. I especially enjoy going to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes- U.S. Foreign Policy and Social Psychology. I have been learning a lot in my Foreign Policy class about how history has shaped our policies overtime. It is very fascinating and Dr. Trombley makes the class energetic and fun. In psychology, we are performing social experiments. My group did an experiment on conformity where we used a generalized horoscope (printed 12 of them out and put the different horoscope signs on the top of each) and handed them out to students and staff members. We asked how much the profile pertained to them from a scale of 1 to 5. It was very interesting to see how many people felt that their horoscope was completely dead on! More students gave higher ratings than adults, proving that students are more conforming. They are taking the generalized statements and molding them into their own beliefs. It was a lot of fun.

Although I am having a lot of fun at school, I am very thankful and excited for Spring Break! I will be going to California to see my family. I’ll be going to Six Flags, Disneyland, and to San Diego for the beautiful temple and beach over there. It should be a great week. I am going with Jeff, my boyfriend. We have to come back Thursday night though, in order to finish all our assignments and projects before that upcoming Monday. It will be a great time though, and I am just so great that Embry Riddle gives us some time off. The classes are fun and the teachers are informative, but if I learn any more this week or if I have to do another exam or homework assignment, I think my head may explode!

I am also excited for next semester because I have my new schedule! I will be taking Intelligence writing and Intelligence studies, Studies of Middle Eastern Cultures, Environmental Economics, and Arabic I. I am extremely excited to  take the economics class! Dr. Carreras has his Doctorate in Environmental Economics, so this class should be extra fun and informative. I also cannot wait to start a new language! I almost chose Chinese, but I realized that more countries recognize Arabic. I will let you guys know how Arabic goes. Dr. Jones says there will be a new professor, so I will see if that ends up being a good or bad thing. I hope everyone has a safe and great vacation this week. (Or whenever your spring break is) Just remember to relax over your break, so you won’t be too overwhelmed coming back. :]