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A Field Trip During Spring Break?

It’s spring break…that means I had a field trip for my Natural History of the Region class! I have to admit even though Arizona is my home state I was not completely thrilled that I would be spending four days of my spring break camping in the desert learning about the ecosystem. I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had! We departed school at 8:00am last Saturday; from there we drove to Tucson making plenty of stops along the way to observe the plants and animals of the area. We mostly went through the Sonoran Desert, where Phoenix and Tucson are located. Sunday was my favorite day of the trip! We went to the Desert Sonoran Museum, it was very impressive. I was able to see tons of plants and wildlife. The museum is outdoors and a “living” museum, so I was able to see everything from horned sheep to bobcats and saguaros to agave. I really had a great time at the museum and took tons of pictures, but unfortunately I left my camera cord at school so I’ll have to include them in my next blog! On Monday we traveled even farther South and made our way to Safford Arizona.  We were able to drive all the way up Mt. Graham where there was snow. It was such a different climate than the desert scenery we had gotten used to seeing at our prior campsite.  Finally I was able to shower Monday night. (That was probably my second favorite part of the trip haha) On Tuesday we finally headed back to Prescott. It really was a fun experience. That class has quickly climbed to one of my all-time favorites at Embry-Riddle, I’m so glad that I “had” to take it!

Spring 2012!

Wow! I cannot believe that it’s already midterm time! This semester has been going great for me so far. I’m taking 18 credits this semester and even though I’m constantly busy it hasn’t been as torturing as I expected.  My current classes are Personality & Profiling, International Relations, Natural History of the Region, Microeconomics, Chinese Computers( taught in Chinese), and Contemporary  Chinese Literature( also taught in Chinese).

This is the first semester I have taken content courses taught in Chinese and I have really been enjoying it! In my literature class we read short stories then will eventually write our own.  This class has really given me confidence with Chinese. I am able to read over 100 page stories now! I have also been able to learn tons in my computer class!

International Relations is one of my most interesting classes. We get to read classic authors such as Machiavelli and Thucydides. I feel like I have been challenged to think in new ways in this class which is great! My Natural History of the Region class is a really great course! It is basically a natural science class all about Arizona (my home state). Over the first few days of spring break we will go on a field trip to the Tucson area, I’m pretty excited.

Personality and Profiling is another great course. In this class you get to profile an individual for your final group project.  It has been a very different, yet really interesting project so far. My final class is microeconomics, which I am taking through Yavapai College (the local community college).  This class has also been going well.

This spring semester has been great so far, though I must admit the main thing on my mind is my upcoming study abroad trip to Beijing this summer! Hopefully I can stay focused until then!


Happy Halloween!

This last week has been tons of fun! From the game Humans vs. Zombies to Zombie Prom the campus has been all about the living versus the dead.

Riddle has a tradition of playing the Humans vs. Zombies game ever week prior to Halloween. It is pretty hilarious to watch. First everyone who wants to participate registers on the website solely devoted to the game. Everyone starts off as a human, which is signified by a bandana tied around your arm, except one person is a zombie, shown by a bandana tied around your head. If a zombie “attacks” a human then they too become a zombie, but the human can defend themselves by hitting the zombie with a sock and therefore stunning them for 15 minutes. Zombies, if they do not “feed” for 48 hours will die off, dwindling down the players of the game. Of course there are safe zones, such as class and in the library so it doesn’t distract for studies. I didn’t participate this year but plan to next year.

The game continued from last Monday until Thursday night at Zombie Prom, which I helped plan. We did a conjoined dance with Yavapai Community College where everyone came dressed as zombies, or in costume. It was tons of fun!

Yay for Fall Semester!

Oh my! School has already been in session for a month now!

I can’t believe it, time has been whizzing by! This semester I am taking only twelve credits, but it is certainly challenging. I have U.S. Foreign Policy with a new professor, Dr. Fields, he is great. The class is heavy with reading, but I enjoy it. Dr. Fields has been especially great at making each student in his class feel recognized by taking the time to get to know every person’s name and a little about them. It is things like that that make me really enjoy the fact that I attend a small school. I am also taking Business Law. I like this class a lot, though I already know many of the materials covered because I am considering law school after graduation and the course is very basic, but still helpful. My final class is the notorious….Chinese! I am still on the Chinese Track which I love, so I am taking Chinese five and six right now. The thing I like most about the Chinese Track is that I have the class every day and I am very familiar with my classmates so I am never hesitant to speak in front of the class, which is a must.

The most exciting thing of this semester for me is being a Resident Assistant (R.A.). It has been so much fun meeting all of my residents and helping them adjust to Riddle life, I have been really enjoying it.  Also this semester I am a Campus Academic Mentor (CAM) for the GSIS program. I sit in on the college success class that freshman are enrolled in and help new students with any questions that arise. That has also been fun because I have gotten to meet many of the new students.

I am excited for the rest of this semester, I can hardly believe midterms are only a couple weeks away.

Preview Day!

Preview Day is Saturday and I am excited! I remember coming to Preview day when I got accepted to Embry-Riddle. I woke early and drove the one and a half hour drive from Phoenix to Prescott with my mom, feeling anxious and excited the entire drive. The day was busy, but tons of fun. I went to many presentations about my major, ate lunch with current students, and even took a picture with Ernie the Eagle. The fact that ERAU is a small school that is very focused within every degree program sold me. Though sometimes I wish Embry-Riddle was bigger, I think it is cool that I can recognize everyone I pass by and that my professors know me by name. I especially love how much my professors care about each student. I transferred from community college and I never felt so inspired to do my best like I do at Embry-Riddle. I know it sound cheesy and that I am exaggerating when I talk about how much I love my school, but I truly do. I was nervous when I first arrived at Riddle, but the friendly and approachable staff and students made me feel at home right away and I knew I had made the right choice with Embry-Riddle. I truly hope many of you who visit the 16th will feel the same way.


I was lucky enough to be alble to attend ERAU’ s Army ROTC Military Ball last weekend and had a blast. Here are a couple pictures.

Can’t forget the snowstorm! Here is a picture of the upperclassmen dorms covered in snow by my talented friend David Bretón.

Getting Ready for Fall!

Spring break has gone by so fast! It has been so great having this week off of school. No matter how much I love to learn, a week off of school is always appreciated. Last week was midterms and let me tell you…it was CRAZY! I’ve been spending these last weeks buried in books, studying for all my tests. Also over the last couple weeks I’ve been making some big decisions about my future at Embry-Riddle. I registered for my fall classes recently. I am going to be taking Plant Biology, Chinese 5&6, Intelligence Writing, and Business Statistics next semester. They all seem pretty interesting. I am most looking forward to Intelligence Writing because I am curious about the structures and format of Intelligence writing. Chinese should be fun too. I can’t believe after this spring semester I will have completed my minor in Mandarin in just one year! I am excited to continue learning more and more Chinese next semester. Another big decision I recently made is that next fall I am going to be a Resident Assistant! I am so excited to be an R.A. and hopefully make some students freshman year lots of fun! Who knows maybe I’ll end up being your R.A.!

Happy Year of the Rabbit!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It’s the year of the Rabbit! Last Saturday my Chinese class traveled to my hometown of Phoenix to visit the Chinese Cultural Center in celebration of the New Year. I had a really great time! There was dragon dancing, authentic Chinese food, and lots of vendors selling cool knickknacks. I wish Phoenix had an actual China town instead of a Cultural Center, but it was still a great time. A bunch of my friends bought really beautiful umbrellas while we were there and I have to admit I’m a little regretful that I didn’t get one, I’ll have to be sure to next year. Also in my law class we attended a Jewish Film Festival this week. I am enjoying all of the field trips this semester, too bad I didn’t get to miss any school for them!  

This semester has been crazy busy but so fun at the same time. Spring break is only about a month away! I am so excited to visit my boyfriend’s family and watch Arizona’s awesome Spring Training baseball games. I’m hoping next year to go on the Global Security and Intelligence trip to Washington D.C. during spring break. I’ve heard it’s really great, you get to visit places like the CIA Headquarters, the U.S. Department of State, NCIS, and NSA.  One of my friends is going this year I’ll make sure he tells me all about it.

Look how beautiful the Cultural Center is!