Spring 2012!

Wow! I cannot believe that it’s already midterm time! This semester has been going great for me so far. I’m taking 18 credits this semester and even though I’m constantly busy it hasn’t been as torturing as I expected.  My current classes are Personality & Profiling, International Relations, Natural History of the Region, Microeconomics, Chinese Computers( taught in Chinese), and Contemporary  Chinese Literature( also taught in Chinese).

This is the first semester I have taken content courses taught in Chinese and I have really been enjoying it! In my literature class we read short stories then will eventually write our own.  This class has really given me confidence with Chinese. I am able to read over 100 page stories now! I have also been able to learn tons in my computer class!

International Relations is one of my most interesting classes. We get to read classic authors such as Machiavelli and Thucydides. I feel like I have been challenged to think in new ways in this class which is great! My Natural History of the Region class is a really great course! It is basically a natural science class all about Arizona (my home state). Over the first few days of spring break we will go on a field trip to the Tucson area, I’m pretty excited.

Personality and Profiling is another great course. In this class you get to profile an individual for your final group project.  It has been a very different, yet really interesting project so far. My final class is microeconomics, which I am taking through Yavapai College (the local community college).  This class has also been going well.

This spring semester has been great so far, though I must admit the main thing on my mind is my upcoming study abroad trip to Beijing this summer! Hopefully I can stay focused until then!


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