Getting Ready for Fall!

Spring break has gone by so fast! It has been so great having this week off of school. No matter how much I love to learn, a week off of school is always appreciated. Last week was midterms and let me tell you…it was CRAZY! I’ve been spending these last weeks buried in books, studying for all my tests. Also over the last couple weeks I’ve been making some big decisions about my future at Embry-Riddle. I registered for my fall classes recently. I am going to be taking Plant Biology, Chinese 5&6, Intelligence Writing, and Business Statistics next semester. They all seem pretty interesting. I am most looking forward to Intelligence Writing because I am curious about the structures and format of Intelligence writing. Chinese should be fun too. I can’t believe after this spring semester I will have completed my minor in Mandarin in just one year! I am excited to continue learning more and more Chinese next semester. Another big decision I recently made is that next fall I am going to be a Resident Assistant! I am so excited to be an R.A. and hopefully make some students freshman year lots of fun! Who knows maybe I’ll end up being your R.A.!

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