We have been in Amsterdam since Monday night. My first impression is that it was not as great went I went to it last summer. The people do seem a little more apprehensive than before. Maybe it’s the cold. Either way, Amsterdam has been fun. We have gone to see the Van Gough Museum, Anne Frank’s house (where she hid during WWII), the Heineken Brewery, went shopping for the girls (the ones that went on the trip with us), and did some regular sight seeing ending with nights at the local bars and brew pubs meeting the locals. This is our last day here and I don’t want to go back, well maybe for the free refills but not anything else. Yes, free refills. Anywhere in Europe we went, if we wanted more of a drink, like soda or water, we had to pay more for it. Our guess was because they don’t have fountain drinks like we do but just the bottles. Either way, not having a free refill is really hard during meals especially when I drink a lot during meals.

A quick story before I go back out to see another museum in Amsterdam, when we went to the Heineken Brewery, the cashier that gave us our tickets to go in, he knew what Embry-Riddle was! Amazing right! halfway across the world and they know about ERAU. He knew because one of his friends went to the Florida campus, that’s when we told him that he should have attended the Prescott campus :). Funny how small this world is, someone all the way in Europe knowing about Embry-Riddle. Anyways, got to go! TTYL! Next time it will be states side though!

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