Belfort, Trains, Fish, and Waffles…oh Belgium

So, we landed in Amsterdam yesterday at 6:30am. We lost 8 hours of our lives on that flight so the jetlag hit us hard. We decided to take a train to Brussels and kinda explore a little around the area. We get there, find our hotel and then go out to eat…kinda. Actually it was more like, I get everyone lost getting to our hotel taking a complete wrong turn so the trip was off on the wrong foot. Brussels was ok, the people were a little rude but that could just be the culture. Today we took the train to Bruges to do a similar thing, get to know the city. I was so glad that I was able to read a map and actually get us to where we needed to go. Felt kinda dumb though especially since ERAU drilled us at ready maps and scetionals during ground school. It all got figured out in the end so it’s all good.

Anyways, Bruges was amazing! SO much history, so many cool things, and so pretty and relaxing. We climbed up the Belfort, went into the Church of the Holy Blood, had some awesome seafood, and of course, a Belgian Waffle. I would talk a lot about each thing we saw but it would be a small essay so I am going to leave you with this. If you plan on going to Belgium, go to Bruges. SO much better than Brussels. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

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