Goodbye to all!

This is my last day of work. This will also be my last blog. Hope that you all had a good time reading my blogs and that I gave you a perspective on how Embry-Riddle Prescott really is. Of course, the best way to get a perspective is by you attending ERAU. Go take a tour or spend the night with one of our ambassadors (book in advance of course). Talk to a counselor and meet student and staff while visiting. All of these I recommend to do for any school that you are applying for since you are going to be spending the next 4 years there. College will become your new home where ever it will be. You will meet people and create friends that you will never loose. And with social networking that goes on today, you will never loose touch.

Embry-Riddle has done a lot for me. It advanced my career, helped me get a great internship at Delta, and now, I have a job flying for Grand Canyon Airlines flying the twin otter as a first officer. My career is taking off, yes pun definitely intended, and I have ERAU and the faculty, staff, and friends that I have made for that. Check out Greek life. I never thought I would be in a fraternity but turns out I like it and it’s a lot of fun. Whatever you end up doing, live is to the fullest. Makes these next 4 years some of the most memorable years of your life. With this I say goodbye but I’m sure that you’ll hear from me again, especially as an ERAU Alumni. Here are a few pictures of the past 4 years and the friends and memories I made. I hope you join the Embry-Riddle family.


I graduated!

I graduated this past Saturday! It is a surreal experience and still feels like I have classes to attend but the reality is that I don’t! I’m done forever!!!! Well that is until I go and get my masters if I so decide to do so. The ceremony was great. It did go a little long because the class of 2011 has been the largest class to gradate ERAU-Prescott in over 10 years and also statistically was the smartest class to have entered ERAU Prescott ever. A total of 268 people graduated, many of them with jobs already. Some are going to get their masters, and the rest are seeking employment. As you know, I got a job with Grand Canyon Airlines and I start with them May 17th. I honestly, cannot wait. Hopefully some day you will be an ERAU graduate and join the just broken 100,000 strong mark network of alumni. Once you go out to the industry, you will see ERAU Alumni everywhere and this I say with certainty since I did meet a lot of Alumni when I worked at Delta Air Lines. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!



I got a job flying with Grand Canyon Airlines!!!!! I’m really excited! I start May 17th and am contracted for full-time seasonal, meaning until Oct 31st of this year. If they like me and all, I will become part of their full-time regular staff. I will be flying Twin-otters as a first officer. Here is a link that shows the plane I will be flying.

I cannot wait to start! I am soooo excited! A flying job straight out of school? Man I got lucky! I cannot wait to go and get going! I will either be based at the Grand Canyon or at Boulder City, NV. I will keep you all updated!

Last week of school…ever

This is my last week of school…ever! But it certainly does not feel like it. So many things to do and graduation still hasn’t sunk in. Fells really weird think that this i the last week ever but on the other side, it feels great! Summer break coming up with so many things planned. I got a job interview next week so we will see how that goes. For now, I am still working on my CFI to try and get it done and hopefully get hired here at school.

Feels weird that I am writing this blog after my last official class as an undergraduate. The class is not over as I still have my final to complete but as far as regular class times, I am done with all of them. I only have one final but it is going to be a hard one. It is for my Personality and Profiling class, coincidentally the one that I got out of this morning. It is going to be very hard final since we tried to learn to construct a criminal profile. It’s a very interesting class and the professor knows a lot, but for me it is hard. We will see how it goes, I want a B in it. Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts, TTYL.

Derby Days is over :( but we raised $3800!

So Derby Days is totally over and we raised a total of $3800 for the John Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We had a nice closing with a nice formal dinner, a Copy Cat competition, and the girls got to do a small pageant. The week was really fun and every brother participated to the fullest. My favorite event, that I got to attend the lat part of it, was the catch-a-sig event on Wednesday night (I couldn’t go because I had the best final ever remember? lol). This event is where girls chase the brothers to try and catch the for points. The team that had the most points accumulated by the end of the week, won $100 towards their team. This year the winner was the Residence Hall Association. Congrats to all who participated. I know I had a great time especially as a judge. Can’t wait until I get to see one as an Alumni, next year.

Best Final Ever

So I jut got home from a great final. Yes it’s late but worth it! We had a joint project between my capstone ATC class and the Electronic flight management (EFMS) class. The project was the EFMS class would fly the aircraft as the students in the Air traffic control lab controlled them. We where all hooked up via our very own Embry-Riddle Virtual Airspace (ERVA) so we all were in the same airspace (sort or like an xBox live sort of set up). So what I had to do as a controller was to control aircraft leaving and arriving into Albuquerque. It was stressful at times since you had to sequence the aircraft correctly so they wouldn’t hit each other or the ground. It was the best final I have ever taken. So much fun and the professor is soooo cool. His name is Brent Spencer and he used to work as an Air Traffic Controller for many years and always shares great stories with us while trying to teach us some good points all at the exact same time. It’s a very fun minor. Anyways, it’s late and I just thought I should share that knowledge with you all. TTYL!

Derby Days Decathlon!

So Today was the kick-off day for our yearly Sigma Chi Derby Days fundraising. This whole week, we will be trying to raise money for the John Huntsman Cancer foundation. We had our decathlon today which is an event where all of the teams of girls compete in events like the 3-leg race, wiffle golf, flag-football, dodgeball, and a relay race. It was a very fun event and a great way to start off the week. We have events going on all week so keep checking here to see an update! Hope you enjoy the pictures of the decathlon I’m posting.

U.S. Airways A320 Sim!

So I had the great chance of flying the full motion A320 sim at U.S. airways this past weekend! I got home at 5:30am on Monday morning so I am still really tired and I have a flight here pretty soon. Still am safe enough to fly so no worries about that. Anyways, the sim was stressful! Fun but really stressful. We had to deal with emergencies, approaches, and hand flying that really big sim all while trying to be a team. It was really hard and at one point I though I was going to fail. I ended up getting a 90% on the sim so I must have done something right. I cannot wait to fly the real jetliners with a real airline. I’m putting up a video. It’s not the best but enjoy! Anyways, time for a flight so TTYL!

A320 Sim

Initiation and Formal!

So this past weekend was a lot of fun. Busy but a lot of fun. We had our initiation for Sigma Chi where we inducted 3 outstanding individuals into our order. Can’t say what we did since it is a secret so I you want to find out, come join Sigma Chi! 🙂 Formal was great! We had it in the Manzanita Grill next to the Golf Course by the airport. We had the whole room rented out for us and the dinner was amazing! Prime Rib is what I had. I really liked everything about it. We had some of our Alumni come down so it was a great time meeting them and catching up. That’s one thing that I want to say, the bonds that I have made in Sigma Chi are lifelong. That is how ERAU also is. there are some many good people here on this campus that you are going to find and make some great relationships here. Plus the experiences that you are going to go through with them are ones that will make some great stories to share with your parents, grandparents, and future kids! Or just share with other Embry-Riddle students. Anyways, just wanted to share my great experience with you all. Wait until next week. I am going to fly the Airbus A320 full motion Sim in U.S. Airways! Anyways TTYL!

Spring Break is over :(

I cannot believe how fast that went. Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and now school…again. Not saying school is bad,  but it’s really hard to beat this European Adventure. I had a great time and got really close with the people I traveled with. Only 45 days left until I graduate and I can’t wait! All I got to do is finish my classes, and flight and then done!

I mentioned in my first sentence that I also went to Las Vegas this last week. It was a last minute thing and I went on a recruiting trip with the Admissions office. I left the next day after we got back from Europe and came back to Prescott yesterday. Doing this recruitment event, I got to meet families and accepted students and shared with them how fun, educative, and interesting our school is. Now I’m not going to recruit you reading this, well at least not yet :), but I just wanted to share how enthusiastic those students were. They reminded me of when I was deciding for schools and also of the experiences that I have lived here at ERAU. These experiences are so valuable to me and so important that it is going to be hard to graduate this Spring. I have learned s much and this school has shaped me so well as an individual, both as a student/employee and as a man. I owe so much to this school for what it has done to me. I really hope that the students that were at the reception saw how great Embry-Riddle is. This is the best decision I have done in my life so far, attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.