The Hardest Goodbyes

Along with graduation, there will come many unwanted and unavoidable goodbyes.

The first will be that one professor. That one professor that has gone out of his or her way to help you too many times to count. That professor that you wouldn’t dare skipping their class because you respect them too much. You have no way of thanking them or telling them how much you appreciated their efforts to assist you through your undergrad. You look up to them, you’ll miss them.

Second will be your squad. Yes, your squad. You know, that group of people that you met freshman year that have seen you at your worst and best. The group of people that know waaaay too much about each other. You can go to them for literally anything. This might arguably be the hardest goodbye. No longer will you be neighbors, a walk away, and there is no way you could ever explain to someone how close you all became.

Third, the best friend. The person who you could never thank enough for putting up with you and your weird tendencies. You admire this person and you’ve spent the better part of your undergrad laughing at whatever life throws at you by their side. Their family is just an extension of your own.  When its time to say goodbye, it’ll hard to imagine life without them their to embarrass you…all the time.

And lastly, Prescott and your old self. Time to move on to bigger and better things. Time for a new adventure. You’ve ultimately grown into yourself in this town and whether you want to admit it or not, you love it and saying goodbye won’t be easy.

Still can’t believe how fast four years went by! I consider myself lucky that I have such hard goodbyes to make. ERAU has truly become a home for me and I know we will meet again.

I graduated!

I graduated this past Saturday! It is a surreal experience and still feels like I have classes to attend but the reality is that I don’t! I’m done forever!!!! Well that is until I go and get my masters if I so decide to do so. The ceremony was great. It did go a little long because the class of 2011 has been the largest class to gradate ERAU-Prescott in over 10 years and also statistically was the smartest class to have entered ERAU Prescott ever. A total of 268 people graduated, many of them with jobs already. Some are going to get their masters, and the rest are seeking employment. As you know, I got a job with Grand Canyon Airlines and I start with them May 17th. I honestly, cannot wait. Hopefully some day you will be an ERAU graduate and join the just broken 100,000 strong mark network of alumni. Once you go out to the industry, you will see ERAU Alumni everywhere and this I say with certainty since I did meet a lot of Alumni when I worked at Delta Air Lines. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!