Initiation and Formal!

So this past weekend was a lot of fun. Busy but a lot of fun. We had our initiation for Sigma Chi where we inducted 3 outstanding individuals into our order. Can’t say what we did since it is a secret so I you want to find out, come join Sigma Chi! 🙂 Formal was great! We had it in the Manzanita Grill next to the Golf Course by the airport. We had the whole room rented out for us and the dinner was amazing! Prime Rib is what I had. I really liked everything about it. We had some of our Alumni come down so it was a great time meeting them and catching up. That’s one thing that I want to say, the bonds that I have made in Sigma Chi are lifelong. That is how ERAU also is. there are some many good people here on this campus that you are going to find and make some great relationships here. Plus the experiences that you are going to go through with them are ones that will make some great stories to share with your parents, grandparents, and future kids! Or just share with other Embry-Riddle students. Anyways, just wanted to share my great experience with you all. Wait until next week. I am going to fly the Airbus A320 full motion Sim in U.S. Airways! Anyways TTYL!

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