Spring Break is over :(

I cannot believe how fast that went. Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and now school…again. Not saying school is bad, ┬ábut it’s really hard to beat this European Adventure. I had a great time and got really close with the people I traveled with. Only 45 days left until I graduate and I can’t wait! All I got to do is finish my classes, and flight and then done!

I mentioned in my first sentence that I also went to Las Vegas this last week. It was a last minute thing and I went on a recruiting trip with the Admissions office. I left the next day after we got back from Europe and came back to Prescott yesterday. Doing this recruitment event, I got to meet families and accepted students and shared with them how fun, educative, and interesting our school is. Now I’m not going to recruit you reading this, well at least not yet :), but I just wanted to share how enthusiastic those students were. They reminded me of when I was deciding for schools and also of the experiences that I have lived here at ERAU. These experiences are so valuable to me and so important that it is going to be hard to graduate this Spring. I have learned s much and this school has shaped me so well as an individual, both as a student/employee and as a man. I owe so much to this school for what it has done to me. I really hope that the students that were at the reception saw how great Embry-Riddle is. This is the best decision I have done in my life so far, attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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