Best Final Ever

So I jut got home from a great final. Yes it’s late but worth it! We had a joint project between my capstone ATC class and the Electronic flight management (EFMS) class. The project was the EFMS class would fly the aircraft as the students in the Air traffic control lab controlled them. We where all hooked up via our very own Embry-Riddle Virtual Airspace (ERVA) so we all were in the same airspace (sort or like an xBox live sort of set up). So what I had to do as a controller was to control aircraft leaving and arriving into Albuquerque. It was stressful at times since you had to sequence the aircraft correctly so they wouldn’t hit each other or the ground. It was the best final I have ever taken. So much fun and the professor is soooo cool. His name is Brent Spencer and he used to work as an Air Traffic Controller for many years and always shares great stories with us while trying to teach us some good points all at the exact same time. It’s a very fun minor. Anyways, it’s late and I just thought I should share that knowledge with you all. TTYL!

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