Derby Days is over :( but we raised $3800!

So Derby Days is totally over and we raised a total of $3800 for the John Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We had a nice closing with a nice formal dinner, a Copy Cat competition, and the girls got to do a small pageant. The week was really fun and every brother participated to the fullest. My favorite event, that I got to attend the lat part of it, was the catch-a-sig event on Wednesday night (I couldn’t go because I had the best final ever remember? lol). This event is where girls chase the brothers to try and catch the for points. The team that had the most points accumulated by the end of the week, won $100 towards their team. This year the winner was the Residence Hall Association. Congrats to all who participated. I know I had a great time especially as a judge. Can’t wait until I get to see one as an Alumni, next year.

Derby Days Decathlon!

So Today was the kick-off day for our yearly Sigma Chi Derby Days fundraising. This whole week, we will be trying to raise money for the John Huntsman Cancer foundation. We had our decathlon today which is an event where all of the teams of girls compete in events like the 3-leg race, wiffle golf, flag-football, dodgeball, and a relay race. It was a very fun event and a great way to start off the week. We have events going on all week so keep checking here to see an update! Hope you enjoy the pictures of the decathlon I’m posting.

Helping the community

One reason why I joined Greek Life, specifically Sigma Chi, was beacuse of the service to the community they serve. Just today we got to work with the Prescott Creek Society to help clean up a wildlife refuge that used to be an illegal dumping site. I thought that we were just going to pick up trash like wrappers and trash bags and things like that but man were we in for a shock. As soon as we get there I see a bunch of shovels out there for us. As the President of the Prescott Creek Societyexplained to us what we had to do, our enthusiasm grew. We were told that we could find anything under the soil. Doors, water heaters, tires, and big junk was some of the things that they had previously found.

We started walking and in the first 2 minutes, we spotted what looked like a bumper sticking out of the sand. We thought it was just a bumper so three of us began to dig. As we dig an dig, turns out half of a car was burried under there. Took us a good hours to dig and move the entire thing into the trailer (I’m working on getting pictures so once I get them, I will post them). In the end, we found (other than the car), a couple of water heaters, a stove, sheet metal, barrels, tires, and a really big piece of metal. I swear I think that we moved a ton, and I mean a ton of stuff. I’m really happy for what we did, and thanks to Sigma Chi and ERAU, I can also give back to the community.