Spring Break!

So   my first day of Spring Break and in one hour me and three friends are going to Europe for Spring Break! Now we are not by any means rich kids but we found a great deal that we couldn’t pass up! It was $300 round trip ticket to Amsterdam and back! Amazing right! I really like the people that I am going with so it should be a fun trip. Now I need to get ready for the 2 hour ride to Phoenix. That’s one thing, ERAU is 2 hours away from a major airport. This can be both good and bad. Good because by not having a major airport close to Prescott, the city is always quieter, not a lot of people all while living a large town life. The bad thing is the 2 hour ride to/from Phoenix especially after a long flight. But honestly, I think it’s worth the drive for the sort of lifestyle that Prescott offers. Nice outdoor peaceful but yet actively lifestyle. Anyways, time to finish getting ready TTYL!

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