Preview Day!

Preview Day is Saturday and I am excited! I remember coming to Preview day when I got accepted to Embry-Riddle. I woke early and drove the one and a half hour drive from Phoenix to Prescott with my mom, feeling anxious and excited the entire drive. The day was busy, but tons of fun. I went to many presentations about my major, ate lunch with current students, and even took a picture with Ernie the Eagle. The fact that ERAU is a small school that is very focused within every degree program sold me. Though sometimes I wish Embry-Riddle was bigger, I think it is cool that I can recognize everyone I pass by and that my professors know me by name. I especially love how much my professors care about each student. I transferred from community college and I never felt so inspired to do my best like I do at Embry-Riddle. I know it sound cheesy and that I am exaggerating when I talk about how much I love my school, but I truly do. I was nervous when I first arrived at Riddle, but the friendly and approachable staff and students made me feel at home right away and I knew I had made the right choice with Embry-Riddle. I truly hope many of you who visit the 16th will feel the same way.


I was lucky enough to be alble to attend ERAU’ s Army ROTC Military Ball last weekend and had a blast. Here are a couple pictures.

Can’t forget the snowstorm! Here is a picture of the upperclassmen dorms covered in snow by my talented friend David Bretón.

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