Happy Halloween!

This last week has been tons of fun! From the game Humans vs. Zombies to Zombie Prom the campus has been all about the living versus the dead.

Riddle has a tradition of playing the Humans vs. Zombies game ever week prior to Halloween. It is pretty hilarious to watch. First everyone who wants to participate registers on the website solely devoted to the game. Everyone starts off as a human, which is signified by a bandana tied around your arm, except one person is a zombie, shown by a bandana tied around your head. If a zombie “attacks” a human then they too become a zombie, but the human can defend themselves by hitting the zombie with a sock and therefore stunning them for 15 minutes. Zombies, if they do not “feed” for 48 hours will die off, dwindling down the players of the game. Of course there are safe zones, such as class and in the library so it doesn’t distract for studies. I didn’t participate this year but plan to next year.

The game continued from last Monday until Thursday night at Zombie Prom, which I helped plan. We did a conjoined dance with Yavapai Community College where everyone came dressed as zombies, or in costume. It was tons of fun!

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