F… is For Friends Who do Things Together!

Do you recognize the title from Spongebob? Well in one of Spongebob’s infamous scenes he sings about making friends and staying together…it is actually pretty entertaining, especially for Spongebob fans. From the first week until today I have made many friends at Embry-Riddle. Some that stay, a few that go, but the best are the roommates I had freshmen year…

This picture of Spongebob is pretty much what we look like as a crew.

As a freshmen I met 5 new roommates I’d live with for a year and unknowingly become best friends with 2 of them. Crazy enough I still live with them. We’re bonded with a friendship that’s strong to the core. It helps that I am in a Marine Officer Program while the other two are ROTC, one army and one Air Force. As you can see we have one huge thing in common, military lifestyles.

I think it’s great that we are all studying different subjects at Embry-Riddle! GSIS, Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering. So even though we all manage different schedules and classes we manage to get together almost every weekend and go to Picture Show for an awesome movie that just came out or we play the new Call of Duty video game or even just go to Buffalo Wild Wings. A weekend with us is always a fun one!

Encountering these gentlemen have made my stay at ERAU a great one with memories to last forever. I hope that even after we all graduate we remain in contact because It would be hard to find friends like them again. I hope you have great roommates like I do.

Thanks for reading!

A Field Trip During Spring Break?

It’s spring break…that means I had a field trip for my Natural History of the Region class! I have to admit even though Arizona is my home state I was not completely thrilled that I would be spending four days of my spring break camping in the desert learning about the ecosystem. I must say though that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had! We departed school at 8:00am last Saturday; from there we drove to Tucson making plenty of stops along the way to observe the plants and animals of the area. We mostly went through the Sonoran Desert, where Phoenix and Tucson are located. Sunday was my favorite day of the trip! We went to the Desert Sonoran Museum, it was very impressive. I was able to see tons of plants and wildlife. The museum is outdoors and a “living” museum, so I was able to see everything from horned sheep to bobcats and saguaros to agave. I really had a great time at the museum and took tons of pictures, but unfortunately I left my camera cord at school so I’ll have to include them in my next blog! On Monday we traveled even farther South and made our way to Safford Arizona.  We were able to drive all the way up Mt. Graham where there was snow. It was such a different climate than the desert scenery we had gotten used to seeing at our prior campsite.  Finally I was able to shower Monday night. (That was probably my second favorite part of the trip haha) On Tuesday we finally headed back to Prescott. It really was a fun experience. That class has quickly climbed to one of my all-time favorites at Embry-Riddle, I’m so glad that I “had” to take it!