Stuck on Campus for Spring Break…? Here is What You Need to Know.

If you are one of those unlucky students who doesn’t get to go somewhere awesome for spring break (which is almost all freshman) don’t fear I’ve got you covered with everything you need to cure the Spring Break Blues.

It may seem pretty sucky that you have nowhere to go, most likely because you have no cash to do so but, I urge you to please take advantage of your situation. Spring Break is a great time to relax and catch up on those z’s or any homework that needs doing.

I am writing this because, well, I’m currently stuck on campus…so below you can find some great tips and tricks for surviving your Spring Break, the Engineers way!!!

  1. Buy Top Ramen its 20 cents at Walmart.
  2. Stuff to make coffee, it’s cheaper and healthier than energy drinks, although those can be more fun.
  3. Find someone with Netflix and split a month’s cost with them so you can watch whatever you want to pass the time.
  4. Car pool around town and see the sites, bicycling is also great, Prescott is a beautiful place to cruise around in the sun.
  5. Study outside and enjoy the quiet, it’s very relaxing.
  6. Do some homework and review topics that you have trouble with. This is extremely helpful as finals are coming up!!!
  7. Sleep in, but not too much!!
  8. Fill a box of salad items from the dining hall, if you cook these up in a creative fashion and add some rice or pasta (which you can also get from the dining hall) you have a healthy meal to eat comfortably in your room rather than in an awkwardly empty dining hall.
  9. Hang out with new people, there are all kinds of people on campus so meet some more cool ones!!!!
  10. Be like the guys next door and build a massive birthday paddle……weird I know…..
  11. Do your laundry ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!
  12. Clean your dorm, everyone needs a thorough Spring cleaning.
  13. Ask family to come visit.
  14. Get to know your campus more by exploring new areas.
  15. Apply for summer jobs and research ones that you want after college.
  16. Have a good time!!!!!