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Hello readers and followers. Forthcoming Is the end of Summer session A and the start of Summer session B. Today I will let you in on the ups and downs of taking summer classes. Do you want to take summer classes? Maybe your nervous that the class will be too fast for you? Or maybe you want a personal insight.

I am Currently taking two classes over summer session A at Embry Riddle. So far so good. I have to say I enjoy taking summer classes because there are no dull moments in class. Over the regular school year you will cover material and then review material, while this is a great way to get material to stick. The problem I run into is forgetting the stuff you learned early on by the time the exam comes around. Over the summer you learn new material everyday, most classes are either 6 or 8 weeks. Within this time a midterm will normally be issued three or four weeks into the class and another just before the final.

So there is no doubt you cover material fast, but what if you have a summer job? depending on how demanding the class is summer classes can be very time demanding. Since you cover new material every class day there is more homework to be covered in a shorter period of time. I am taking two pretty demanding classes, Differential Equations and Linear Circuits, I work as a lifeguard on weekends only.  Notice I said weekends only, working anymore then that is a bit ridiculous.

So if your still wondering if you should take summer classes, here is one last thought you should consider. Do you have the time for a class that is well paced and time demanding? Also, do you have the want or need to take this class? Maybe you need to take a summer class to stay on track for graduation, just keep in mind it takes hard work! If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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Summer School in Prescott

Done with Finals! and ready for summer. I cannot get enough of the sun and I love the summer. Although I like to stay busy with work, taking one or two summer classes can be useful. Whether you are trying to get ahead or catch up on classes its a great opportunity.

The first thing you might consider summer classes for is graduation, are you on track to graduate on time? If not then I suggest summer classes. If it is a core class you need then I highly suggest taking it at the university you are attending to stay on course. This can also be a great way to get ahead so your future semesters aren’t as heavily weighted ¬†on credits. But in the end, if you want to save yourself a semester, a $3,500 summer semester is much cheaper then a $15,000 semester. You could save yourself lots of money at the same time.


With some misconception, some may think that summer school will take away from all those fun summer activities. Not completely true, taking only one class can keep you busy enough from getting waayyy to bored.

At Embry-Riddle many summer classes are available over the course of two summer main sessions, summer a and summer b. ERAU Prescott offers almost anything you may need. Thanks for reading, good luck with finals and have a great summer.