Aug. 25-29

Freshman year flew by last year and I quickly found myself on summer break; but just like school, summer flew by as well so before I knew it, I was already back at ERAU for another school year. I had come back at the end of June to take some classes in the Summer B semester and to get ahead in flight so I’ve been in school for a couple of months now. However, summer school did not feel like school at all. It felt more like a summer camp, that is, until the new students arrived. The parking lot was packed again and it was again hard to find a parking spot. Many new faces were walking around campus and now, long lines were all over campus so it took forever to get things done.

Despite all these, I couldn’t wait for the school year to start. The people I met and the friends I made were special enough to make me come back. In fact, I couldn’t wait for anybody to come back so we can hang out on the lawn in front of the halls, have BBQs, and spend hours next to the grill making smores.

As this year begins, books need to be bought, class schedules need to be printed, scheduling work and flights needs to be complete, preparing for another year of work, a lot of homework, great flying, and more memories need to be made. School has been in session for a week now and so far it looks like a good year.

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