I have decided to go to Emrby Riddle because i have grown up in the area. I have not yet chosen a major, but I think I am going to choose GSIS.
Orientation was last Thursday, and wow things are awesome now.

Moving in only took a few hours, and it was exciting meeting all the roommates. The room is alot bigger than I thought it would be, and it even has a stove top, microwave and refridgerator. In the loung there is a place for a T.V. but after we all got settled, we realized none of us brought one! Oops, I guess we’ll survive.

I love my roommates. Before I met them I was worried we wouldn’t get along and we wouldn’t have anything in common, but as far as I’ve seen, they are awesome. My roommate is from Vermont, but I also have suitmate’s from Salt Lake City, Boston, Northern Az and Orange County.
Starting my classes was extremely nerve racking. I’m taking 5 classes this semester:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday I hace UNIV 101 and PSY 101.
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have COM 219, BA 201 and IT109.

I am most excited about my Psychology and Management classes. I think these will be the most helpful for me no matter which path I decide to take.
After going to my first IT109 class (which is a basic computers course) I decided to change into the online section of the class. I am really glad I have this option because I am already really good with computers, so this means i can get through the class faster.

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