Sept. 1-5

This first week of school is over. It was an overall easy week just getting to know your professors and the course syllabus and getting into swing of things. A couple of classes look like they are going to be challenging.

One of these classes is Weather 301. As a Aeronautical Sciences student, I am required to take two weather classes for my degree. In the Spring, it took the first one, Weather 201, which dealt with high and low pressure systems, convergence, divergence and a general overview of the atmosphere and weather conditions. This year in Weather 301, it looks like it’s going to be all that and more. Thunderstorms, radar and satellite images, warm and cold fronts, it just looks like a lot more work and memorization, but I have been wrong before.

Physics looks like it’s going to be ok, I did pretty well last semester so I don’t think I would struggle with this course.

I started my instrument ground school and this one looks like the hardest. So many more things to learn and memorize make the entire rating look very complicated. We haven’t covered much expect instruments and all. Haven’t start with flying due to some paper work problems but hopefully it will all get resolved by next week. I look forward to this semester.

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