Schedule Change and Activity Fair

I had to make a huge schedule change to fit my MET Credits for PS150(Physics1) and my work schedule at the Machine Shop.
I am no longer in the same classes as my suitemates other than UNIV 101. In this class, we would be making rockets. It sounds like fun..however much information is lacking in order to confirm that ;). UNIV 101 is a class that is in addition to the credits required to be an Aeronautical Engineer (Yeah!) but it is really very useful. It comprehends activities that is more like an engineering projects, talks with the important people of the campus like Dean Kula (Dean of Students), Vicki Fox (The person who will advise you at least once if you need a job after you graduate), Andy Fraher (Summer Exchange Programs, Study Abroad Programs etc) and various professors who share their own academic and work experiences.
I have 14 credits transferred now. So, I can easily plan my 4 years in ERAU with some internships, projects, independent study or/and research, if possible.
The best thing going on right now is my work at the Machine Shop. Adam, a senior graduating this semester, is helping me out to start with. We have almost every machine that will be needed to create wooden, metallic and plastic models needed for wind tunnel testing and the senior capstone projects. It is the place that the seniors and juniors will work at for the Prelim and Details course projects. Adam allowed me to unwind and look into a small engine…The work engineers should do instead of learning the equations in Math and Sciences. I feel that though the sciences make a great engineer, having a hands- on experience makes a better one. I feel very comfortable in the academic field in ERAU. However, it is the practical and experimental part that I will face difficulties with. That is the reason I was persistent of getting a job at the Machine Shop. Right now, Adam’s team is working on the capstone project. I get to see how the wings are created and sanded. It is great to watch and learn! The fuselage and stabilizers are being made now.
Now, I am basically working for around 20 hours a week while studying. I received my first pay check today( Party!!!).
I also joined a handful of clubs. I joined AIAA and SAE Clubs in ERAU, Music Club and the Further, Faster and Higher Club and the Jet Dragster Project.. AIAA and SAE are international organizations that are focused mainly in the field of aero research and automobiles, respectively. It is a great source to know more about the industry and also to learn about the projects and the potential work in the field. It is also a great bridge to the professional life. The Further, Faster and Higher Club is right now making an UAV with foldable wings and surveillance systems. It would be launched out of a fiberglass tube and will hover/fly at an altitude of 1000 feet. This is a neat project. The Club has already started with the work. The Jet Dragster is probably the biggest project in the whole campus. It has been done by Daytona Campus already.
The next post will be about the best class of my semester: EGR 101. The Introduction to Engineering class.

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