The International Student Association here in ERAU is an organization that has all international students as well as those interested in it as members. The organization has a lot of activities and programs going on throughout the month. Since, I have been here the ISA has organized a lot of dinners, YMCA Rock Climbing, A trip to Slide Rock in Sedona and awareness programs for a lot of causes. It is a great way to get to know the town really good. The last time, I went to the ISA Dinner too. It was in the Asian Buffet in Prescott Valley. The elected President, Secretary etc. were informed about their position during the dinner. We gathered at the Hass Commons and car pooled to reach the restaurant. It was a great dinner.
The ISA has meetings almost every Tuesday where upcoming programs are planned out and details about it are discussed. There is probably going to be representatives of the ISA during the Open house just as it was during the Activity Fair.
ISA also plays a role in organizing summer programs and study abroad programs. It is a great way to get your humanities credits covered along with experiencing a totally different culture. ERAU presently has plans to have study abroad programs at Rome, China, Japan, Germany and some other countries too.
It’s an organization that keeps you connected to your own people and helps in every possible way to help international students to adjust. During my first week at Prescott, I already had information about all the food joints in Prescott, how to obtain my Driver’s License and SSN., details about the banks and financial institutions and Prescott as a city itself. We also had our breakfast, dinner and lunch organized by ISA during the first four days. ISA also took us on a trip to the Downtown and Walmart.
There are already programs for a Grand Canyon Trip this month and a ski-trip at Flagstaff this winter.

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