Admissions’ Open House

Admissions Open House
Being a student blogger, I get to work for the Admissions’ Open House this Saturday. The whole student body who volunteered to work got a free T-Shirt today and was told about the work they will be doing beginning 6.30 in the morning and going on till at least 5 in the evening. I would be working with the Club Fair at the Lower hangar from 8.30 AM. I might also be a part of the group for helping out the prospective students for the COE Presentations. The whole Admissions team is really excited for the Open House. It is going to be one of the main events where the prospective students get to know what is in store for them for the next 4-5 years of their life. Believe me, I have no regrets getting rejected by major colleges in US, rejecting a great college in India and being here to get my BS Degree in Aerospace Engineering. It had to be the place. You get hands on experience from the first day of your class. You learn MATLAB, the language that is setting standards for the programming side of aviation industry, get a bit further with projects in UNIV 101 and also make a long term commitment with projects like the ERAU Jet car where you get to learn a lot of stuff that will never be taught in a class. Each and every example in my Physics 2 and Calculus are related directly to the problems/situations/circumstances in various aerospace (nautics) projects and topics. Waves in Physics 2 class helped me to understand that resonance can and will prove to be fatal for aircrafts, the problems in reentry for manned space projects and various other small but important information. Every professor has a background in aviation industry. They have great links and are ready to spend a lot of time with us to help us out in projects, classes or any other crazy ideas we think about.
Academics are pretty strong here with exams every now and then. However, there is much more to Embry Riddle than being a school that stringently focuses on aviation industry. The Student Government Association(SGA) always come up with great ideas to have a fantastic time during weekends. We had a poker tournament recently where the winner took home a PS3. It is going to host a Pool Tournament soon. We got new equipments for the same. I am in my first semester, and have already seen the college getting three new arcades and 3 new XBOX 360 consoles. The college takes the feedback of students very seriously.
The courses like Prelim and Details sticks to the stringent rules, policies and methods of working as those in the ‘real world’. Seniors clock more than 40 hours working on their Detail project in a week. However, the work gets you so involved that you will keep asking for more.
Getting 2 on-campus jobs, having a good scholarship as an International student, getting a lot of credits transferred , getting involved in one of the biggest college projects, working on your own independent projects and getting funded for that, having free tutoring, having the greatest links with the industry as a student, having a huge student body that shares your aspirations and ideas and having professors who are highly qualified and experienced is something that you can only get at Embry Riddle as a freshman.
Go ahead, apply here and get into a great path to do everything you have dreamt of. I am doing so now!

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