Sept. 22 – 26

It’s been two week since my last entry and several things have happened since. To begin with, flying is awesome! I am doing so well! It’s weird, it’s like I already know this stuff. I am learning it all so fast and well. I am just learning the basic instrument maneuvers and the control and performance flying method.

The control and performance method is using certain controls and instruments for the desired performance. It is a fairly simple concept but applying it takes a lot of practice. For practice, I did a vertical S maneuver which consists of climbing and descending at 400 feet per minute for 500 feet. This one really teaches you to fly the plane by known power settings and and brings out your weaknesses in the control and performance method. For the first time doing it, it was ok. It’s just fine tuning all the things is what I need to work on.

Horizons came out with a new issue last week and it is the best to date. We had all of our editorial staff there and the editing and design was great. This paper has gotten many compliments and has definitely helped us re-gain some of our credibility back. We also had more people join our team of reporters so our staff now is close to 20. This paper is definitely growing.

School is going ok. Weather class is getting a lot tougher as more concepts are introduced and it has been getting hard to keep up with homework with all the work I’m doing. It’s all about balancing things out. A system Im still trying to grasp before the end of the semester.

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