Sept. 30 – Oct. 3

I can’t believe it’s already October. It’s been hard keeping up with work and school but I am able to manage it … so far.

Octoberwest is this weekend which is the homecoming celebrations for student, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is going to be a packed weekend full with BBQs, the traditional alumni volleyball game, and a treasure hunt. There is even a tribute band playing on friday playing songs from The Eagles; can’t wait for that.

Since it is Octoberwest this weekend, Horizons Newspaper is going to try and come out with a special edition in between regular issues so it will for three weeks, our bi-monthly paper will be a weekly paper. I got a good plan for editors and journalists to work together and get things done a lot more effectively and efficiently.

Since I also work also in the admissions office as a tour guide, I can expect to see a lot of industry representatives come and take tours of the school.

As part of the Octoberwest festivities, a career expo is held every year for students and recent alumni seeking jobs to connect with the industry. Many engineering and security companies as well as airlines come to represent their company and giving the opportunity to students to possibly get a job. We had ours yesterday and I was please to hear that I was doing all the right things to have a good chance getting an internship and later a job. Since I am still a sophomore working on my instrument rating, there were not a lot of internships that I qualified for but come next year, I should be able to apply for more.

I’ll write again next week and update you on how Horizons went this weekend for the Ocotoberwest Special Edition.

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