You name it!

Last evening, I was really happy because I had nothing due for a week and I have done my studies as was required for the day. I spent most of my time playing pool, playing the Burnout Paradise City in the new arcades in the lower hangar and just killing time. The night came and I was all upset! I had to study for a MATLAB Quiz, revise for the EGR 101 Midterm, do my Physics Homework because unfortunately, It turns out that I submitted the wrong chapter homework again and start with Economics as there was a quiz soon. It turns out that this time I submitted the right question numbers but from Chapter 15 instead of Chapter 16. I got a wild card though and got saved from a zero (0) in the homework!
Here, things pile up really quickly. I am yet to come across a day when I had no homework due. Thus, the night stretched all the way till 2 AM. Finally, I decide to get some sleep at 2.15 AM. Peace stays with me for at least an hour before the fire alarms goes off and the ear splitting noise disturbs my sleep. It turns out that someone was really starving to have some popcorn at the middle of the night, the usual story in dorms. I decided not to get up and leave the dorms. I continued with my struggles to get some sleep amidst the noise. I finally had to give in and I crawled out of the bunk beds, got my jacket and rushed out of the doors. As soon as I step out of the room, the noise goes off and everything is back to normal. I just got up to go sleep back again. The result was that I reached my Calculus class late. By late, I mean 30 minutes late! Since cold winds were blowing, the doors were closed and I had to knock to get in. Its just the perfect beginning I needed.
All hard work paid off when I got to spend another hour at the pool table and the new arcades! Economic quiz went really great and it turns out that I scored a 22/20! I got the bonus question correct too! Physics Homework was submitted on time and EGR 101 turns out to open note! The only disappointment was the MATLAB Quiz. I had the whole program in mind and on the MATLAB Editor. However, a single logical error made my program an infinite loop

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