Oct. 6-10

Oh man, this weekend was amazing! All the festivities, events, the band was awesome, and the comedian on Saturday was great! All my reporters did their job and wrote their articles. Everything was going smoothly until the Horizons Newspaper server crashed.

It was Saturday afternoon when the server froze so my Photography editor did a hard shut down. When he restarted it, the operating system did not want to load. We worked on it all night trying to figure something out but no matter what we did, it wouldn’t work
I was able to recover the files from the faulty hard drive and attempted to get the paper done but the other computers we had we are not working well. Our equipment is close the six years old so I guess it was due to it crashing, I just didn’t expect it to happen now. We were planning on getting new equipment for next semester meanwhile we get the money but now it looks like we are going to order some now.

In the end, we were not able to get the paper done so we had to push it back to next weekend and have the special edition come out as an insert in the regular issue. Since we still don’t have a server, we have to do production on flash drives and on several different laptops with different versions of the software we use. It’s going to be an interesting production.

On a lighter note, I went flying this friday for fun with my roommate. It was a really fun flight and a very windy one. We went to Payson to get some breakfast and pie (the pie at Payson is legendary). One of my other roommates was supposed to come with us but he is a soccer player and his coach told him they had practice so he couldn’t go. Wished he did because the flight was a lot of fun.

It was windy all over Payson and Prescott and the landing in Payson was sketchy but we made it down safely. Breakfast and pie were great and it was not that expensive. After we ate, we made our way back to Prescott.

On the way back, we did Zero Gravity so my bags in the back were floating all the way up to the ceiling. It was funny seeing roommate react to me suddenly pitching forward to do zero g’s. His expression was priceless.

Landing was challenging. There were winds gusting up to 25 and it was coming from the left making it a crosswind. Nevertheless, it was one of the smoothest landings I have ever done even if there were no wind at all. It was an overall great flight.

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