EGR 101

This is the best class. All you have to do is work with robots, on SolidWorks and have fun. I just can’t stop adoring this class. We will have a competition in which we are supposed to get the golf balls (a total of 5) and put them in the hole, that is placed in the middle of a 48 inch square table 1 point is awarded for each ball and 2 points will be awarded if the robot or at least a part of it crosses the starting line. We are provided with the LEGO Mindstorms Kit and are supposed to work out a robot using the available parts. Sensors or the LEGO Computer Program can be used for this purpose. It is upon us to chose either one or use both. This is where the trick is. Neither the sensor nor the program can provide you with a foolproof program. There is going to be something or the other that will mess things up.
In SolidWorks, we are designing the 3D model of the basket that will hold the LEGO robot that is supposed to carry something and put it into another basket while afloat a hot air balloon.
We will have to work out the dynamics and weight of the components so that it also passes the various drill tests. There is a video link to the last year competition.
Talking about the basket, it is not a regular square or rectangular one. It has to have lightening holes that can reduce its weight to a measure that it is good enough for lift and for carrying the robot. We would probably use the truss bridge structure to reduce its weight and make it efficient.
And guess how we are going to get a 3D model of the components?
THE 3D Printer…
It uses ABS Plastic to make the model that has been made in the various 3D Design programs like CATIA, SolidWorks etc. It melts the plastic and the melted plastic is used to make the model. It is a really a neat thing. We had a trip to the 3D Printer Room in our Univ 101 Classes as well.
This is how the class has turned out to be in 3 weeks. I am sure it is going to be much more fun as time passes by.

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