Oct. 13-17

Oh man, producing that paper this past weekend took forever! Using the all flash drive technique was very tedious. Also, we had to use different versions of the software for layout since the computers the paper has were all not working. I really appreciate how my staff used their own computers to read and produce the paper. The end product looked great for the situation.

We got our server and one new computer this week so now we can have a much smoother production next time.

School is ok, flying is fun and I am getting through it quickly and well. I’m shock myself every time I fly or do a sim doing all the things my instructor wants me to do.

I just took a geography test and didn’t do so well. I never thought geography was going to be this hard especially since I got an A in High School. But then again it was high school geography. It’s funny because I get an A in every single homework but when it comes to the test, I blank out and don’t do as well as I would like to.

Same story with weather, I don’t do as well on tests. I got a descent grade but I would have liked to seen it a little higher. I guess I need to study a lot more, and not put work in front of school that much.

Halloween is coming up and I still have no idea what I am going to be. I was thinking either Stewie or Kyle from South Park. The only problem with doing Stewie is I have no idea how I am going to do that football head he has. I guess I have a little while to figure it out. As for now, I leave you and will write soon to tell you all more stories.

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