I am a member of a total of 3 clubs right now. I am in the Structures Team for both AIAA and ERAU Jet Car Project. I also am a part of the music club. When I started college, I decided that I have to do much more than just studies here. I know the basics of playing a guitar but I am not that great at it. The drum kits have always amazed me and I have always been looking for an opportunity to play them. I joined the Music Club for the same. I would be able to get my hands on drums and learn it how to play! I also would be improving myself on the guitar.
ERAU, or for that matter any other college, can prove to be really stressful. I do know all that is being taught in Calculus 2 and Physics 2, however there is a lot of stuff to be done every single day that there is no escaping it. I am yet to come across a day when I had no homework to do. Something like music can be a real stress buster. Besides, having a GPA less than 4.0 and a lot of creative skills and talents looks much better than a solid GPA of 4.0 in a resume.
We meet every Thursday at 9PM at the Davis Learning Center and jam out, learn and have fun. The Club did take part in some programs at the October West. I am just waiting for my guitar to be shipped as soon as possible.
ERAU Jet Car Project is the biggest project that is been undertaken at the college. It is headed by Dr. Nafziger. Even though being a freshman, I have been selected in the structures team and would be working and learning a lot with the upperclassmen. I believe this is going to be the most exciting thing the whole semester. I will actually get to engineer! Not just tweak those physics and math formulae, but get to do the ACTUAL Stuff! We would be working on the chasis beginning this week. Just waiting to get things rolling!
AIAA Design, Build and Fly Competition is going to be a tough challenge. We are supposed to work on a design for an aircraft that can hold 4 liters of water and still make 4 fast lap times. It’s going to be a real challenge. However, a lot is to be gathered, learned and understood in the process. We have meetings every Tuesday where we discuss the basic ideas and come up with better ones.

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