Sunday Fun and its consequences!

Sunday was a fun filled day. Kevin and I go to the Sacred Heart Church almost every Sunday for the Eucharist. We met a family there. The father graduated from Embry Riddle, Florida and was a pilot. They invited us for a mountain hike at Sedona this Sunday. Despite the Economics Exam that was on Tuesday, we decided that this was a much required break from campus. So, we decided to go for the Mountain Hike. They met us at the campus at like 2.30 PM. We went to Sedona through Jerome. Jerome is a really ‘different’ city. You get goose bumps looking at the landscape, at least I did. As said by someone’ It is a haunted city that has been transformed into a hippie artist community’. It is so true. Ghost stories flow like anything here and things are spooky here. They gave a place called the Haunted Burgers. And the whole city is on a cliff. Houses are built so close to the road, that is difficult to even imagine. Finally, we reached the place we had to reach. It is a mountain trail in Sedona that also has a creek. We basically wanted to walk the trail, cross the creek and reach the end of the trail. It was supposed to be a 4 mile hike, one way.
We started our hike. It was a bit late by the time we started. It was around 4PM. So, we just went till the creek. It was not at all a tiring hike. The landscape was amazing. There were huge mountains on one side and the whole city, Sedona, was visible on the other side. After reaching the creek, we just relaxed for some time. The kids, Kevin and I skipped stones in the river. Stones ranged from small smooth ones to really huge ones. However, it was getting really dark and we had to make a 2.5 mile hike back to the origin. We started our way back quickly. Kevin happily carried Elias on his back all the way. It was pitch black and we had nothing but my camera with a flash. So….?
We took random pics and tried to figure out our way back using the light from flash. It was way fun. We knew that we would not be lost, but still the night was really creeping out everyone. I kept taking pictures now and then just to make sure that we are on a track instead of walking along the greens. We finally reached the beginning spot without any problems. On the way back, everyone was way tired. Everyone slept within 30 minutes of being in the car. We finally stopped at the Fry’s to get some Powerade and they dropped us at the campus. It was a much needed break. We were so tired when we finally reached the dorms that we fell asleep without getting anything done.
The next day, Kevin and I toiled at the Library, the dining hall and the room before the exam. In EGR 101, we are making the LTAV. It is way too complex. We have LEGO bricks, Bluetooth and a whole lot of confusion about what is to be done.

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