Last few weeks have been really busy for me. I had 2 exams last week, took one this week and will be taking another one the next week. Last week, I took the Physics Exam. It was a nightmare. It had a total of 6 questions and the total mounts to 320. A single numerical problem is worth 70 points and a single discussion question is worth 40 points. I have no idea how the instructor is going to give partial credits. The questions were simple enough, and I think I have done well but the grade heavily depends on how it is graded. It covered chapters that I have completed in my high school. However, I am not confident about the exam.
There was a MATLAB Exam too. It was another (un)pleasant experience while I was taking the exam. We had a total of 4 questions out of which one was the bonus question. I got the 1st question working perfectly as well as the bonus question. However, the remaining questions were not up to the mark. My programming was not good enough for the 2 questions. However, time was running out. SO, I got all the pseudocode and algorithm I could think of for those questions. I wrote them in the M-Files and saved them and printed them out. I was so sure I would be getting something near 50% because of the remaining 2 questions. However, on Monday, we got the test papers back. The result was a pleasant surprise. I got 106 out of 100. Dr. Gally reduced 14 points in total for the flaws I had in the 2 questions. However, I got the bonus question that was worth 20 points. So, I had a total of 106. Now, Dr. Gally decided to curve the points by 20 for everyone. So, now I had 126 out of 100. And thus, the final grade I have now is 100.44%. I was so surprised how a really bad exam according to me turns out to be fine enough for a great grade.
Physics results are yet to be out. I am barely making a B on that. This exam can make or break my grade. Hope everything turns out to be good. Today, I also took the Engineering Economics Exam. It was a really long exam. The exam went good enough, according to me. The results would be available tomorrow, I think.
Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Physics and Economics results are going to be declared tomorrow. Hope it is good.

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